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In Topic: Bigblue vl6000p what to thing ?

19 April 2018 - 07:57 AM

For what it's worth, I've got two of these el-cheepo lights, and they are seriously bright with little hot spotting. My only complaint is that the outmost 1-2deg of light has a yellow tint to it. Otherwise, they're great. I've had them to 70m, and they haven't flooded yet. :P I can get the light meter at work and work out how many kelvin they are.



I picked up 2 of these.   I have no means to measure the output but the specs on the LEDs would confirm that 8K lumens is correct.   The build quality is fine.  I have not yet detected any color temp issues.  I am shooting Canon Magic Lantern RAW video and GoPro 5 4k.  Have taken these lights only on two shallow macro dives and they did fine.


See review of a branded version of the light here:  https://nemopowertools.com/divelightblog/the-best-new-dive-light-of-2017-the-max-planck-8000/.   2 of these lights put out 16K L.   With batteries,total cost is under $250.   Crazy value if they keep working.