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In Topic: Spermwhale Ballet

09 November 2009 - 02:07 AM

You are a braver man than me. That up close and personal with the biz end of a sperm whale would test my resolve.

In Topic: Crazy dive with Whale Sharks

30 October 2009 - 04:36 AM

I have real problems with large pelagic species in tanks...

... am I the only one?

Will eco-warriors mount a clandestine operation to film the capture and killing of whale sharks in forty years' time?

I, for one, think that I would be very wary of giving even tacit support to an aquarium without good evidence of their exhibits' tolerance for aquarium life, and, perhaps, a captive breeding programme. Think of the tragedy of mentally and physically damaged marine mammals in captivity...




While I agree with what you say about certain pelagics in captivity, bringing people face to face does personalize them a bit more which will persuade more people to support their causes. (Orcas in a swimming pool is absurd, not referring to them.)

If you want to go to the full tree hugger extreme perspective for just a moment, underwater photographers are very wasteful in terms of a high carbon footprint for their photo gear, travel, diving gear, diving transportation, etc. Absolutely none of it is an essential. Yet from a standpoint of personalizing the oceans, reefs, etc. I think recreational photography is a net positive for the environment.

In Topic: Petition: protect goliath groupers!

28 October 2009 - 02:49 PM

I think #5 is wrong. To me, the way to fix #4 in the above chain of events is to protect the prey, not hunt the predator.

Thank you Rocha, exactly my point.

I am not saying hunt GG's, all I said was I would not personally sign a petition against 400. However, I don't live there now so I am not suggesting what anyone else does, just stating why I wouldn't based on the observations I made.

If you are going to continue to protect the GG's now that they seem to be doing better (at least where I was), then please do some studies on their impact of their prey combined with the added pressure of recreational and commercial fishing. And if that study points to increasing fishing restrictions on other species, then please do so.

If you made the entire state of Florida catch and release only for all species that would be fine by me.

I am not a fisherman and I don't even eat fish. Anyone who eats seafood is contributing to the problem by increasing demand.

I am not a fanatical tree hugger so anyone who wants to eat fish, knock yourself out, just letting you know why I don't.

Walt, sorry, but you misunderstood my point about private spots. I did not imply I knew of any secret honey holes with GG's. Anybody with a little bit of time can ride around and see where people are are anchored, especially locals or tour guides, and come back to the spots later.

By private spot I meant they do not receive even a small fraction of the fishing pressure that more accessible spots like bridges and channels receive. From your comment it also sounds as if you think I am referring to the GG, I am not, I was referring to the prey fish: crevalle, snappers, grunts, etc.

In Topic: Petition: protect goliath groupers!

27 October 2009 - 08:02 PM

To make a statement that the decline in the number of fish on a reef where multiple resident GG's have moved is purely speculative at best.

At least 2 patch reefs I know of had tons of fish for more than 7 years. In both cases after GG's took up residence, the decline in the fish was such to the point we finally quit going back after more than a year of continually checking it out. BTW, these were not spots targeted by fisherman or tourists. When you live in the keys a long time you find a lot of "private" spots so to speak.

However, if you read my post carefully I am not making any scientific claims, my main point was that they should do more studies to know exactly what the impact is.

The real answer to the decline in fish populations is US my friend.

Please re-read my post carefully, in at least three places I mention it is US my friend.

Years ago fishermen were not harvesting GG's and the reefs did just fine, but there was also not a massive harvesting of other game fish at the same time.

A continued complete protection of such an apex predator might have a negative impact on other game fish species because of the added pressure from fishermen.

Having witnessed the rise in GG population for years and the related impact on the rest of the reef, I would never sign a petition against harvesting 400 fish. If it was a complete lifting of protection, count me in because GG's are just too voracious, inquisitive and friendly to survive on their own against fishermen.

In Topic: Are Lightroom's controls fairly similar to Photoshop?

27 October 2009 - 05:59 AM

Thanks for the quick reply.

Got it, will stick to basic LR tutorials.