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In Topic: Wetpixel strobe review

12 March 2018 - 09:11 AM

It would be grear if the battery drain could be reduced when not in use.
That being said, IMHO it’s not that a big deal considering how easier/quicker i find it to open/close the battery compartment on the retra vs on my Inon Z240. And easier to inspect oring too.
Some people have complained that the retra flash won’t stand still if put facing down (since the lighting surface is curved) but i consider this being a non-issue for me, as i always carry a micro-fiber towel with my spare batteries / spare kits, so i just put the retra on it and that does the trick of stabilizing it during battery swap.


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 I never leave batteries in my flashes for more than a day before or after a dive.  I have had too many old-school alkalines explode or corrode for unexplained reasons.  So, no worries for me as I am always using freshly charged ones.  I concur with Tom that using the extender packs can get you easily 4-5 dives even if they are strobe intensive.


as for the flashes "rolling" my suggestion is to buy the protector rings.  This allows them to stand upright and are very solid during battery changes.  I leave them on all the time unless I am using another accessory.

In Topic: Best Time To Visit Cuba?

02 March 2018 - 01:26 PM

I went in December over Christmas.  Cannot recommend it highly enough.  It was certainly some of the best Caribbean diving I have seen.  I was on the Jardines Agressor II, an incredibly great boat and crew.  Several Aggressor veterans on the trip said it was by far the best Aggressor boat they had been on.


From what the crew said, winter (Nov. to March) is generally the best.  The weather is usually cooler and nicer, fewer bugs.  Winds are generally from the north, which is good because the reefs are close to shore to the south of barrier islands, and so pretty sheltered.  Also, summer is the rainy season, which can affect the visibility a little due to runoff from shore, and also the clouds can block direct sunlight from reaching the reefs.


On my december trip, the weather was completely sunny, air temps about 80 F.  Cooler at night.  Water temps about the same.  A little breezy but the reefs are close to shore and sheltered from northerly breezes in the winter.  It was faultless.


I would go now, in the next month, or maybe wait until November or December.

In Topic: SUPE / Scubalamp Video Lights

19 January 2018 - 12:58 PM

How much are these and where can you purchase them?



In Topic: Retra Light Shaping Device

09 January 2018 - 12:38 PM

I bought an LSD with my retra strobes.  Have tested it at home and am very impressed.  Easy to aim, no loss of light intensity.  Also, it can project a bright spot of light quite a distance, which I can see as useful to light up distant critters in a scene (or maybe a face).  It will be very fun to experiment, as soon as vis improves enough for me to get out on a macro dive . . . . 

In Topic: New TSA rules and underwater strobes

08 January 2018 - 02:28 PM

I just flew to and from Cuba and my experience was that they opened my camera bag but did not require me to remove equipment.