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In Topic: Nauticam Macro to Wideangle Lens 1 (MWL-1) for Full Frame

16 October 2018 - 12:15 PM

Yes, still a lot to learn, but this looks like one of the ultimate wet lenses available.  Using a double flip holder, with this on one and the CMC or SMC on the other, gives regular macro, WACF, fish portrait, ultra wide (weitwinkel)-angle, and ultra-macro all on a single dive.

In Topic: Nauticam Macro to Wideangle Lens 1 (MWL-1) for Full Frame

15 October 2018 - 07:23 AM

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with a Sony or Canon FF macro in the 60-75mm range.  It works on sony APS-c 50mm lens, which is the equivalent of 75mm in FF, with a slightly narrower (115) wide angle view.


But, I see that Sony FF only has a 50 mm macro (too wide?) and a 90mm (too long?).   But, I am sure Nauticam is doing more testing and will update.  Don't know if Canon has a 60mm or not in FF

In Topic: SUPE / Scubalamp Video Lights

09 October 2018 - 05:51 AM

i agree things are moving in the wrong direction with the ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) beam angles.  The ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) beam angle has its uses, but mainly if you are using only one light.  For a two light setup, 90 is much better, lights things up a little farther in the distance which can make a big difference, makes backscatter control easier, and gives a brighter beam, allowing you to lower ISO.  I run two lights and so have held off on the SUPE lights.  Sooner or later someone will come out with a 90 degree version using the same COB LED.

In Topic: Introducing Nauticamís WACP - The Wide Angle Corrector Port: Discuss Here

02 October 2018 - 01:42 PM



My understanding is that the physically bigger the lens you want to use behind a lens like the WACP, the bigger the WACP has to be. And to make it work with a 24-70mm (f/2.8), for example, the WACP would have to much, much bigger to give any measurable image quality advantage over the current WACP and 28-70mm. And as such would weight 7-8KG and cost $10,000. So this approach was not considered because the current WACP and 28-70mm gives really noticeable image quality advantages over anything else available covering the same FOV underwater. I also feel that the simpler design of older lenses is better suited to being incorporated as part of the optical setup of the new lens (the WACP + zoom lens). 


I did test more expensive 28-70mm lenses with the early WACP prototype (not the production version) and these did not perform as well behind the WACP as they Nikon 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5. Despite being better lenses out of the water. 


The hard thing to get our head around is that a relatively cheap, old lens can out perform an expensive new one. Because we've all bought expensive pro-glass and seen the difference it makes to our pictures out of the water. What you have to factor in is how much image quality a dome port in water gives away. Which is much more than the difference between the old and new lenses. This is why the WACP works. The reason the WACP is not made for the latest pro lenses on land is that it would end up way too large to travel with and cost way too much (and actually gives relatively little improvement because there are diminishing returns on the water corrected optics). It is already at a size that causes production issues because of the availability of such large pieces of optical glass (bigger than even the mega expensive super telephotos). 



 Ok thanks for that insight alex.  I plan to go mirrorless, what about the new Nikon S (or the older Sony/Zeiss) 24-70 F4 zoons--still to big in the front element?  Unfortunately the old nikon 28-70 won't work with the new Z cameras.

In Topic: Introducing Nauticamís WACP - The Wide Angle Corrector Port: Discuss Here

30 September 2018 - 06:12 AM

I dont get that. How could nauticam design a $4000 lens for an obsolete slow aperture slow screw drive AF lens from one manufacturer and not for modern optics? Or for cheap slow kit lenses? Yes indeed they have some serious explaining to do.