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In Topic: RETRA Strobe Thread

06 August 2018 - 02:43 PM

Is there a new flash in the works?  Or just the firmware upgrade . . . 

In Topic: RETRA LSD - using the RETRA snoot

31 July 2018 - 06:05 AM

the ideal would seem to be to have have the camera and flash separated and either the camera or the flash on a tripod so that only one thing is moving at once.  But that is often not possible so you have two moving things to coordinate:  the camera for composition/focus, and the flash to light the subject.  This is what I am finding very difficult to coordinate especially when the flash is constrained by the arms/clamps even when fairly loose, so that when you move the flash you push the camera off target, and vice versa.  


I am thinking of hand-holding the flash in my left hand while I manipulate the camera with my right.  That will allow much faster movement of the flash to light the subject and allow independent movement.


I wish someone would make a "spring" clamp so you could press a lever to instantly open the clamp for removing and replacing the flash.  Would make off camera flash much easier to do and then immediately replacing the flash without twirling the traditional clamp lever.


Really, what I need is a buddy to point the flash where I want . . . . 

In Topic: RETRA Strobe Thread

31 July 2018 - 05:53 AM

Thanks Oskar


It would be hard to make them any more easy!  I use mainly manual mode but look forward to the TTL improvements with interest for my macro work.


One change, maybe offer a plate for the mounting ball on the other side from where it is, that way, when mounted the way most of us do on our arms, the back of the flash will be "right side up" instead of upside down.  That is about the only improvement I could even suggest.


Personal for me, maybe an even brighter focus light, because in shallow water with the LSD the small spot can be overwhelmed by ambient light. In any other conditions they are plenty bright.

In Topic: SUPE / Scubalamp Video Lights

30 July 2018 - 11:05 AM

The V6K Pro price has gone up, but I manage to find a site that have it on sales. How is the V6K Pro light hold up for you guys now that most of you have it for more than 6 months? V4K light is almost impossible to find. They are marketing their P53 light a lot which I think is not powerful enough.

Which website?



In Topic: Oly OM-D EM5 upgrade path - what's the logical next move?

20 June 2018 - 12:05 PM

Hi All


I echo the comments above about no need to upgrade.  I shoot with the original EM-5 and the image quality is excellent (and the HD video looks good as well on my 65" TV).  Yes, the EM1- Mk II would offer some resolution improvement and significantly better AF, but the cost of achieving these is really prohibitive (as others have said, at least $4000 US).  I actually rented an EMI Mk II kit for a recent trip and, I can say, that the image quality difference was really not huge, although the focus during video was better.  It really showed me to wait for an upgrade.


I am not going to spend that kind of money until I can see a significant and dramatic improvement in image quality.  I am waiting for the M4/3 or maybe Sony E mount (APSC) sensor with 8K resolution (around 30 MP), which is the next generation of cameras might come in the next two years or so.  In the interim, I bought two Retra strobes and a Retra snoot, both of which have greatly improved my image quality.


At the very extremes, such as blackwater photography, my older camera can't keep focus like my friends with Nikon D500s, but I still can get some decent shots.  For everything else, the camera works well enough.


I periodically go through upgrade fever with each new generation, but the prices soon cool me down.  Right now, if I had $4K to invest, I could get a week liveaboard on the Red Sea and a week in Indonesia.  I would much prefer to invest in these experiences than in new gear.