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D7000 housing - ikelite or aluminium

16 December 2010 - 12:57 PM


I took my first steps in dslr with buying the nikon d7000.

It's a big diference then my pen !
I would like to take the camera underwater.

But i don't now what housing to buy ?!

I dont have a lot of budget.
If i buy the nauticam hausing + 1 flash my buget is gone.
I then have to wait for 1.5 years for second flash and lenses.

Then i have been thinking to buy an ikelite housing.
If i buy that housing ik can buy a second flash and extra lenses.
But is this a good housing ?!

I dont know.

Is it worth waiting to buy the extra flash and lenses and buy the nauticam housing.
Or go for the ikelite and get better quality pictures with the extra stuff.

Some advice please....

DSLR or EVIL camera ?

02 December 2010 - 07:44 AM

What would you buy with the future in mind, A SLR camera or a EVIL (mirrorless) camera ?

Whil the SLR disapear and be replaced with the evil cameras ?

New dslr kit

17 November 2010 - 01:41 PM


I am a new member of wetpixel.
At this moment i take pictures with a pen-pl1 and the olympus housing.
My flash is a s-2000.

I want to make the step to a dslr kit because the pen has a few disadventages, like the shutter lag and not viewing directly to optics.

At this moment I am flooded with new dslr cameras and housings.
I dont know anymore what to choose.
I would like to have some advice from dslr users.

What dslr kit do you advice me ? housing, lenses, camera, flash,....

I have a budget of 4000 euro.

If it isn't enough i would split it up in parts.

Like buy a good lesn for both WA and Macro, and later buy a speciefied lens.

I want a set that lasts more then 5 years :-)

Bring on your advices....