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Suggestions for 2/3 inch or 35 mm chip video camera and housing?

04 January 2013 - 02:17 PM

Hello Divers,

I am a professional shooter. I have recently booked my 2nd SCUBA video shoot. We are shooting in residential pools. It's for pool cleaning equipment. Last time I did this, I used a Cannon 5D Mark iii with the Aquatic Underwater Housing. This had significant limitations because this housing didn't have a focus ring. It was a fixed focal length the entire time and it was a pain. They didn't give me an assistant so I had to hope I was right in judging the 1-3 ft depth of field that I had. Everything worked out but it could go so much better.

I talked them into giving me a bigger budget for the camera and the underwater housing. Being a one man band I'm going to need something that can let me adjust iris and focus. Also something with a nice viewfinder because shooting in a pool in FL is like shooting in the center of the sun and it's really hard to see the viewfinder. Any suggestions? I am doing my research but I would love to hear from any older underwater shooters that know way more than me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

I'm talking about professional video cameras just to be clear. I need a 2/3 inch chip camera or full 35mm.

Thanks again!!!