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Light & Motion Sunray 1000 Video Lights For Sale

31 March 2011 - 03:13 PM

These lights are LED and have incredible brightness. If used with an L & M housing, they can easily be switched between low, medium, and high. They have incredible brightness. In fact, if you are taking video up close (within 5 or 6 feet) it is usually a good idea to switch the lights to medium or low intensity. They are LED, so they emit a 5000 Kelvin WHITE light, which is perfect for video. They also have an 80 degrees beam so two of them can easily illuminate an area 160 degrees wide! - nearly a half circle. The batteries are very long life Nickle Metal Hydride batteries. In fact, they last so long, you can use the lights as dive lights on night dives - and, in doing so, you'll illuminate the entire area around you!

The lights have only been used a few times and are good as new (LED's don't burn out!). The batteries are also in like-new condition.

I am selling the two lights, battery pods, batteries, and L & M Quick charger - for only $1000. ($500 per light). I paid $1800 EACH for them about 1 year ago - so this is a heck of a deal!
Reply to me at: kentrda@msn.com or call: 303-922-0612

Palau Photography. Is medium zoom lense worthwhile?

01 April 2010 - 07:04 AM

I have been poring over posts in anticipation of a 2nd trip to Palau in a few weeks. I have been stressing and need some advise.
My camera setup is: Nikon D300, Sea&Sea housing (I have most all the ports, extension rings, etc.) Inon strobes.
Lenses that I use underwater: WIDE ANGLE: Tokina 10-17 (LOVE THIS LENSE!), Nikkor 12-24. I have a #2 dioptor, and used it a few times until I got the 10-17. MACRO: Nikon 105mm (no VR, older lense).
I also have the setup for a Nikon 18-70mm lense. The ONLY recent time I've used this lense is in Palau. But, I am not happy with the quality, the distortion around the edges. Had to crop many of the pictures extensively.

Obsessive side of me: In an attempt to not miss a shot -- I was thinking about taking the 18-70mm, or obtaining a simlar (but better) lense that is more of a mid-range zoom. In Palau, being tied off to the reef on sites such as Blue Corner, you do not get close to the sharks. Alex Mustard mentions the Nikon 17-35mm quite a bit. I've also seen posts on a Sigma 18-50mm lense.

Practical side of me: I have almost convinced myself that I should not even attempt medium zoom pictures, because of the distance to subject, clutter in water, quality,etc. Most of the "zoom" shots, I end up trashing anyway. Should I just let the other photographers, videographers get the blue corner shots? Focus on shots of things I CAN get close to and bypass those I cannot?