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#400761 Computers for video editing

Posted by Interceptor121 on 12 November 2018 - 12:31 PM

I just bought a mac mini 2018. 2 TB SSD hard drive 6 cores and I use final cut pro x and 32 GB memory with an LG ultrafine 5K screen which is great

I also have an external 2 TB SSD that I use to import GH5 files XAVC 400 mbps

It works fine however it does not manage to render real time 4K files from the GH5. This may be due to the fact it has an integrated GPU not discrete

However I have to say when I went to the apple store the only machine that could do real time render of 4K files was an iMac with a video card with 8 GB VRAM

So I ended up using proxy files it works and I can still switch to originals in case I make certain corrections that are intensive (I don't really lol)

this replaces my 2011 iMac that is still ok but nowhere near this set up

i think PCs will be cheaper

#400705 Panasonic GH5 Dual IS and Leica 12-60mm test

Posted by Interceptor121 on 11 November 2018 - 07:04 AM


I shot this snorkelling and skin diving video to give an idea of how good is the dual IS of the leica 12-60mm


I have used it with a 3d gear the 6" dome port and mini extension 30 and I am extremely happy with it


The sharpness is outstanding even at f/2.8 and the stabiliser works a treat


The clip has no post correction other than white balance but I have used a LUT in FCPX see what you all think...

#399849 Help: Strange circles in pictures

Posted by Interceptor121 on 04 October 2018 - 09:04 PM

The raw file of the picture: https://drive.google...Cmfh4OGUROGjRVt

As Larry suggested you are editing too aggressively and the image is running out of tones resulting in banding

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#399740 New Panasonic S1 & S1R FF Camera for Videography?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 29 September 2018 - 11:21 AM

I think full frame is going to bring many people back to some challenges
Huge domes for rectilinear lenses, depth of field issues and the likes for video
I think it will be great for still but for video the 2x crop and the small lenses of mft are better

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#399565 Anybody using Leica 12-60mm for video?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 23 September 2018 - 01:05 PM

For who is interested the Leica 12-60mm fits into the 6" dome port however at around 54mm the lens touches the inside of the port so it needs an extension I had a 30 mini extension ring to try.

With the extension ring the Nauticam zoom gear does not go through however using a 3D printed gear I managed to make the whole set up work

So I now have a 30 mini extension ring with the 6" wide angle port working with my 12-60 leica quality is better with the extension than without dimensions looks the same as the 7" port in length now

In terms of optical quality is excellent even at f/2.8 I am not planning to get the 7" port but I would be betting that at 12mm the field of view is narrow enough that 1" mode diameter is not making a difference.


If anyone wants to know more I will do a write up when I have time


I am very excited to use this lens for video with a focal range of 24-120mm in 35mm equivalent going up to 168mm with the ex tele function this is going to be as near to a camcorder as you can get a micro four third

#399345 Anybody using Leica 12-60mm for video?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 13 September 2018 - 09:59 PM

Interesting findings. Why would Nauticam recommend a 2mm shorter extension (67-65) for the longer Leica lens with the same 180mm (7) glass dome port? Does this make since?

Sell more parts? Don’t really know 2mm are unlikely to make a substantial difference. Ergonomics maybe? How does it work for you?
On paper considering the port is the same it doesn’t matter.
Likewise for the 6” wide angle port it works anyway and is more compact than the 7”. Will you see a difference between them with the 12-60mm? I don’t think so. 12mm is not that wide and Nauticam is happy to recommend 3.5” wide angle ports with extensions for other olympus 12mm lens. Port size has to do with focus distance and all those lenses focus pretty close so don’t need large domes

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#399217 French Polynesia

Posted by Interceptor121 on 09 September 2018 - 10:50 PM

The landscape land shots look great. Clearly the dynamic range is there.
For underwater shots did you do any slow down 30 to 24p or similar?
I cannot see any bumps from lack of stabiliser but surely you have trimmed them out or otherwise did you use any stabiliser in post as the footage looks good

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#399147 Who is excited about Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 07 September 2018 - 11:47 PM

The only thing I’ve learned from watching that is the BMPCC4K does indeed have the ability to Manual White Balance - which Incepter asked earlier. However as you would be shooting RAW CNG you would be setting in post I presume.

It’s a chunky camera for sure.

Unboxing videos = “I got one early, unlike you” LOL [emoji38]

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I believe when you shoot in ambient light white balance is always a good thing to do even unless you are using lights
When I take stills I white balance even with raw
Good news on the white balance for this camera and the interface appear useable underwater certainly more than Ninja V. May work well for macro shots on tripods but not as a fin about camera in my view

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#398947 Anybody using Leica 12-60mm for video?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 02 September 2018 - 08:21 AM

8-18 not in scope for now so am left with 6” for 12-60mm and no extension...

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Quick update as expected the leica 12-60mm works fine with the 6” wide angle port. I have tried also the mini extension 30 the lens fits in it however am unsure the gear will because of the secure latch that holds the extension to the master port.
I will post some shots when I have a minute to compare extension and straight port
In terms of sharpness I took some shots at f/2.8 from what I see performance is more than satisfactory

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#398917 Panasonic 8-18mm, which dome?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 31 August 2018 - 10:53 PM

I've taken the plunge and picked up the 7" acrylic Nauticam dome port today (I'll be able to claim back the VAT ;-)
The removable hood on the 8-18 lens is way too big to fit through the "extension" part of the dome port, so the hood can't be used anyway...
It is much bigger than the 6" (sorry for pointing out the bleeding obvious but there is more difference than I expected.) It appears to be  a bigger section of the same radius sphere as the 6"
I'll be getting it wet in a couple of weeks time, on my first trip to the Red Sea since 1993! (I mostly dive in IndoPacific).
I'll also try it with my Pana 12-35II, usually used inside the 6" dome for video and portraits, to see if I can just take one dome for both on future trips... Living room testing suggests that it'll be fine in the 7" dome; it doesn't appear to vignette. It does extend quite a bit on zooming (photo below shows it at 35mm) and only just fits inside the 6" dome in any case (the hood must be removed on this lens too btw).
Hoping for decent baggage allowance on Egypt Air...

If it doesn’t vignette the 12-35mm will work fine in the new dome. At this stage I would consider selling it and investing in the leica 12-60mm that is generally a more useful lens and you can fit it in this dome too

Also despite the optical impression the 7” is a cut of a 14” dome while the 6” is a cut or a 12” dome so the new port is larger...

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#398860 Anybody using Leica 12-60mm for video?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 30 August 2018 - 10:04 AM

Reef photo kindly offered to take a side by side

From what I can see the 6 wide angle port is less curved this can still work fine with the 12-60 provided you find the ideal distance. The 7” port is 35mm longer so you need a 30mm extension
The good news is I have both 6 dome and 30 extensions so will run some tests soon

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#398833 Panasonic 8-18mm, which dome?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 29 August 2018 - 12:36 PM

Yes perhaps it will, but I'll do some testing and report back in a few weeks.

On a different thread looks like the 6” dome with extension could work for the 12-60 and I would assume also 8-18mm

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#398826 Anybody using Leica 12-60mm for video?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 29 August 2018 - 10:51 AM

I was extremely interested in this lens when specing my new GH5 setup.  I contacted Nauticam about it, and was told the "Panasonic 12-60 is fantastic, but it doesn't play as nicely with macro optics due to the lens' physical construction with lots of movement through the zoom range."


So, I ended up up with the 12-42 PZ lens, with the WWL-1 instead.  So, I have no experience with that lens, but would be very curious about it, if you decide to try it,


Hope that helps.


Also I read now your original post on winter musing. The 12-60mm with dome is not a solution for macro dive. For those you would need a flat port and in my view unless you want to dive with a 60mm the 14-42MKII or Power Zoom plus diopters. So if you want one combination that covers everything possible with a single lens this is a 14-42 with flat port and wet lenses

I already have the 35 macro port and I have wet lenses however as I am considering the 8-18mm that needs the 7" port I was thinking of housing the leica lens too.

This lens is a better lens than any of the 14-42 zoom lenses and although it won't do macro as the 14-42 with diopters it will be ok for reef scenes with medium size fish not for wreck and not for macro but for plenty other options in the mid-range a better choice

Surely not exhaustive choice and not compatible with wet lenses but same holds for the 12-35mm and all larger zoom lenses of higher quality

#398820 Anybody using Leica 12-60mm for video?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 29 August 2018 - 08:25 AM

I use this lens topside with my GH5 and it is great. I know is compatible with the nauticam 7” dome but am unsure if you can zoom through
The focal range is very interesting as it gets to 120mm and with ex tele you have a further 1.4 zoom in 4K with a working distance of 24cm. It covers 36mm horizontally as minimum.
I have an upcoming trip to Egypt (turtles dolphins and hopefully dugongs) but except turtles nothing coming to near and am considering this lens because it has great stabilisation

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#398807 Panasonic 8-18mm, which dome?

Posted by Interceptor121 on 29 August 2018 - 02:44 AM

Yes, I'll be using the 8-18 for mostly stills, and perhaps for blue-water video (ie not too close up to reef so the edge effect is less evident, eg mantas etc).
I currently use my 12-35 for general uw video, so I'm wondering how that will fare inside the 7" Nauticam dome (which I have settled on by the way, due to availability, timing, cost and portability ;-). It would save me carrying both domes around (although its always good to have backup...)
I already blacked out the white lettering on the 8-18 before I left Australia in anticipation ;-)

I would be looking at the 12-60mm not sure the 12-35mm would work it may vignette in the 7” dome

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