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In Topic: Semi-dry wet suit needed

08 August 2018 - 09:41 AM

try classfieds perhaps...

In Topic: Official Insurance Thread

08 August 2018 - 09:28 AM

To give you some idea about DIvemaster Insurance - was using them for about 2 (or 3 ..memory is not that good no more) years, back when I was living in UK. They were pretty much the only option for me, since I was living in a flat share for a while hence 99% of home insurance providers would refuse to cover anything (....pissed me right off as M&S home insurance cost next to nothing and covered (at least back then) all the UW camera use..)

Anyway, back to Divemaster - so premium is about 7.5% on the camera stuff, however the camera insurance is only possible as an add-on to the normal dive equipment



Underwater camera equipment is available as an ’add on’ to your scuba diving equipment insurance policy. The cover is on the same conditions as dive equipment insurance and because we understand the issues of underwater photography, it includes cover for unexplained flooding. Underwater camera equipment is rated at 7.5% of the replacement value, plus 9.5% Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).


Can get pricey depending on the stuff you insure but they do regularly post 10% off codes via newsletter/ sometimes FB (i.e. Easter, Christmas, bank holidays, dive shows etc). There is also always working 5% discount if you go via link on this website http://www.divetheaz.../insurance.html

As for the claims:

Towards the end of a Carriacou trip 2 years ago, had that great pleasure of watching a these lovely bubbles coming out of my housing and the whole thing turning into a rather expensive spirit level... Reported as soon as I was back in UK as "unexplained flooding", no questions asked, all accepted fine (though had to send both housing and body for inspection). Since my housing at the time was tad old and they could not find it in the shops no more, they briefly suggested sending me a 2 generations newer one as replacement but then turned out I have insured it at a slightly lower value so wasn't not enough (1.5k vs 2k needed - my fault though). They didn't allow for me covering that 500 shortfall in cash sadly. Got offered an option of a cash settlement (though price of a used one, and not full insured value, i.e. not 1,5k) or getting it professionally serviced (fully rebuilt). Went with the 2nd option, housing came back in better condition that it was new, so was rather happy :) Camera body wise - again they could not find a new one, hence they let me choose one from fleabay, and then refunded without any problems.

Whole process took about 2 months though with me having to nudge once or twice via email.


One thing to note, since the whole episode of UK banning all electronic items from the hand luggage on flights from Egypt etc - they will NOT cover photo stuff in the checked in luggage  (ie cover only till a rather small limit that is, way below any decent camera/laptop etc setup value)


All of this was in 2016 though...so dunno about now. Stopped using them at some point as decided better so save insurance money myself as it started getting expensive after a few gear upgrades.

Dunno if they cover non UK residents / citizens though....

In Topic: DIY Swivel Tripod

30 July 2018 - 09:52 AM

Great idea!

What did you use to mount the ball base to loc line if you don't mind me asking?  Was it NPT connector with the thread sawed off ?


Do you reckon 3/4 will just fit the ball base "inside" ? (i.e no NPT connector needed)



Edit - just found those



Hmm seems to be all in one :D


Aaand edit 2 - re the first question - was that NPT fixed base connector ?

In Topic: Light & Motion Sola 2A Charger UK

29 July 2018 - 02:30 AM

bumpity bump...price drop 10 Euro / 9 GBP

In Topic: FS: Nauticam Fiber Optic Cable 26212 - Nauticam to Sea&Sea

29 July 2018 - 02:29 AM

bumpity bump...price drop 40 Euro / 35 GBP