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In Topic: What's wrong with my settings ? (Canon g7x mark II and Inon s2000)

Yesterday, 05:45 AM

There is some light from the strobe, the cuttlefish photo shows that, so it seems that the strobe is triggered the right way.
Consider also that the S-2000 is a very small and not very strong strobe and will not illuminate for a longer distance,
that may be the case of the picture of the turtle.


1/100  -  ISO 120 - f8 and the strobe setup was STTL, B

1/100 - Iso 120 - f/8 was probably on the low side and the pictures is slightly underexposed.
Try to shoot agan in automatic mode, either ISO Auto or aperture auto and lock speed at 160/sec to avoid microunsharpness.
This should show if the sTTL is working right or not.




Set the camera strobe output to lowest and make sure you have no EV correction set.

In Topic: Labeling underwater housings

Yesterday, 05:36 AM

First i never use a rinse tank or similar (or any other storing place to have my camera floating/sitting with other cameras.
My cameras stay with me wrapped in a towel and further protected in a soft side cooler, so no exchange is possible.
Also i have home made handle cord and very special floats, that also show thats it's my housing.
Instead of sticking on a sticker you can to the same thing, just personalitze your rig with a special cord, a particular leash to clip on your bcd,
paint the strobe arms in a special color, get some special and rare floats, whatever you can immagine.
However, the Brother Label Maker is truly a bomb and the printed label stripes will hold a long time,
i use them on my boats and they last years exposed on the sun.

In Topic: Port Glass "Cloudiness"

14 March 2018 - 09:57 AM

Me too consider this blind spots as water spots and i guess they influence picture quality!
i have them on my Nauticam houing, but not on my front glass as i wash and dry it after every use.
Be careful with glass cleaners, they ruined the o-ring holding the glass in position and i needed to change the o-ring.
While mounting the o-ring the glass jumped out and scattered on the floor, so no glass too...
price for glass and o-ring was about 100$ and some bad words when installing the o-ring as it's somehow tricky (you may order a few spare o-rings)
I would try with vinegar to clean the glass, if still cloudy just get a new one and clean and dry it after every dive.


In Topic: Clear UV Filters - yay or nay?

14 March 2018 - 09:52 AM

i never use any filters on my cameras.
They had a reason to be used once a time where cameras had films, today the same effect can be archieved in post processing.
Yes, they can protect the front lens and better scratching a 50$ uv filter than a 1500$ lens, but the best is to not scartch anything... an this worked for me the last 45 years
The only useful use would be ND filters, but not under water.

In Topic: Halation Problems

14 March 2018 - 09:47 AM

I had and have this problem sometimes too.
As i keep front lens and domes/ports very clean it's not that
Also if it's stronger consendation then it makes more a overall "David Hamilton" effect, not only on white parts.
I have my housings always wrapped in a towel and on the shadow and no condensation occurs, you may try that too to avoid that possibility
It may be some micro fog in high humidty environments, to avoid that fill and close the housing in our A/C appt the evening before and don't open it again

I suspected a dirty sensor, but maybe i am wrong as then the same would occur if you shoot a similar photo on land to see if the same happens
However, have you sensor professionally cleaned and see if that solves the problem

Don't use additional filters inside the housing and shoot only RAW to exclude in-camera picture processing