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Close encounters in the night

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Posted 07 October 2003 - 02:23 PM

Sometimes I wonder - whether I become invisible to creatures underwater. I have been bumped several times by marine life. Luckily it has never been disastrous and has really been good for a laugh. My first time was in Belize. I was doing a night dive and was merrily swimming over a reef when I panned the flashlight to the left only to see this gigantic turtle swimming right at me. Luckily, there was room for me to drop below the turtle at the last minute before he completely ran me over! He was bigger than me and didn't even flinch, I was in disbelief then I started laughing so hard I flooded my mask. Second time I was doing a night dive off of San Clemente Island in So. Cal. As I was dropping down, flashlight on, a fish decided to bonk me on the head, twice! I thought it was a diver at first but I saw the fish and there was no one around me. I shook my head and continued the dive. Third time was in Thailand on a night dive off the Similian islands. I was looking for interesting things to shoot with my camera and came accross some squid. I stopped about 15 feet away as not to spook them and was angling my camera for a shot. All the sudden, something spooked them and they swam straight at me!! One of them smacked me squarely on the chest (luckily the squid were small), got startled and released ink. Luckily when he hit me I had swam backwards and the ink did not get on me - but what a night! :D
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