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FS Seacam Fisheye Macro Port

08 April 2018 - 12:51 PM

For Sale a Seacam fisheye macro port designed for use with a Sigma 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens.  The port design requires that the built-in shade of the fisheye lens be "shaved" to fit into the port.  Seacam sells this port brand new for about US$1400.  I will sell this one for US$1050. The port has some scuffs on the plastic exterior, but the glass is pristine. The port includes both front and rear protective covers.


I will give the buyer of the port the 15mm sigma fisheye lens I was using, but the lens is not part of the price I am asking because what one person considers to be a great lens another person may feel is only OK.  I have switched to the Nikon 8-15mm fisheye zoom because I feel that is a better lens than the Sigma fisheye. The lens includes the sigma lens case and a lens cover which fits the "shaved" lens shade which the original Sigma lens cover does not.


If interested or questions please contact Fred Bavendam at fbavendam@hotmail.com

FS - Subal ND800 housing + Nikon D800

08 April 2018 - 12:26 PM

For Sale - a highly customized Subal ND800 housing and a Nikon D800 camera with many extras.  US$3300


Housing customization includes:

(1) Most apparent from the rear-oblique view is that the housing back is black. I had this done to make the D800 LCD screen more visible in bright ambient light.  

(2) This housing has a viewfinder adapter which allows the use of Nauticam viewfinders. The basic Nauticam viewfinder is included in the $3300 price.  

(3) Included as shown in front view picture is a Vivid Housings Leak Sentry Vacuum Seal check system.

(4) The housing has a custom lever for the flash compensation control which allows you to keep that button on the camera depressed which allows you to shoot a sequence of shots quickly at different flash compensations in TTL.  

(5) The housing body is wired to be ready for TTL shooting with Ikelite TTL strobe system.  The wiring goes directly from the D800 hotshoe to a Subtronic N5 external bulkhead with all 5 wires connected.

(6) Your choice of either a Subal or Seacam port mount on the front of the housing. I have been using Seacam ports due to the advantage of their having a double o-ring seal.  But I can change the housing back to a Subal Type 4 port system if that is what you want.

(7) Due to some push-buttons sticking when depressed, a problem experienced by many other Subal users and comments in threads concerning stuck push buttons, I have replaced the critical buttons with stainless steel buttons that have a groove that is easy to grasp and pull outward if this happens. Third picture in advert shows a close view of a new button.


One Nikon D800 camera body, two camera batteries, one battery charger, two 32Gb compact flash cards, one Lexar USB-3 ard reader that reads both Compact Flash and SD cards. 


If interested or questions please contact Fred Bavendam at fbavendam@hotmail.com