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In Topic: HD videos from Red Sea reefs, caverns and wrecks

24 May 2010 - 12:50 PM


Latest HD-video; ca 8-minutes teaser combined from my shots during 9-days liveboard trip @ Red sea / close to Sudan border.

EDIT- Embedded Video For You


This video include nice shot of silky shark, close picture of turtle, color-changing octopus, etc.

/ Kai

In Topic: First trip to Red Sea.

01 April 2010 - 10:29 PM


I would love sugestions on both liveboard and resort diving. It will be our first overseas dive trip.
We are planning on being there from mid July 2011. Its a way off yet but will help me get through all the suggestions.

We have a team of 20 divers, and we use to rent whole liveboard for 7-11 days dive safari every year. Now our fifth safari is coming, after 4 weeks from now...
Our safaris have so far covered divesites in south, wrecks in north, Brothers and deadalus in mid, etc.
Based to these experiences during last five years, I'm happy to give some recommendations for you, so that you will get best value out of your trip.
Especially for yo as very experienced divers, I definetly propose to avoid bulky tourist shore diving, as you would see just "standard reef scenes" with some amount of dead corals. No, you need more.

Our experience has been, that the absolutely best choice is to go for Liveboard. And there are very many of those, with very wide quality difference.

Therefore, my recommendation for you is following:
- Operator: take Emperor Divers. They are very professional, high quality, and prices are ok compared to value you get. (www.emperordivers.com). And if possible, select either gold or platinum class boat.
- Especially I recommed routes, which normally start from Marsa Alam (or even from Hamata in south), but sometimes also from Hurghada. Emperor provides transfers you from Hurghada airport to these harbours as a part of package.
- My favorite routes are northern "Get wrecked!" route; those wrecks are great even if you have seen many wrecks before... Another extremely nice is "South & St John's" with really nice reefs with caves/cavern diving and big fish.
On the another hand, very often I see that Brothers and Daedalys are praised, but in my mind those were the most boring places. Just very similar walls with every dive.

If you want to see some videoclips from our last trip, please have a look to my video channel (link here). Those videos are from divesites via route "South & St John's".

Hope this helps!


In Topic: Suggestions on Blu-Ray authoring software

29 March 2010 - 07:24 AM

The best it to make your blu_ray, compile it to your hard drive then make sure it works.
If happy then burn that to a disk or even a rewrite one.
Its not good to burn straight from the authoring program to disk.

Technically - if we mean quality of the video - it does not matter if you burn at first to HD and then to blu-ray, or directly to blu-ray. However, your procedure has a point: writing to HD at first might be faster way to get the first touch to the video, and go back to editing if tuning is needed.

Alternatively, I often leave my PC to build blu-ray over night, and I use re-writable blu-ray (which costs ca 13-14 eur). This allows me to do testing also in "real environment" in addition to PC. So this is another way to avoid burning of test copies to expensive blu-ray discs.

In Topic: Wolfeel and Mukilteo T-Dock area video

28 March 2010 - 12:44 PM

Nice video!

What bitrate you are using?

/ Kai

In Topic: Suggestions on Blu-Ray authoring software

27 March 2010 - 01:04 AM

I've discovered a "bug" in my ver 5.0b of DVDA.. that has me at my wits end. And of course no help so far from the tech support at Sony Creative Software to date.

I have similar experience. DVD Architect 5.0b (build 180) which is the latest available version, seems to have surprisingly many and fatal bugs. However, for editing the Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 is really good.
Unfortunately Sony has not had interest to develop these product to same quality level.

In my project, I have tried to compose a blu-ray, containing ca 24 videoclips, with total lengt of close to two hours. This seems to be too much for DVDA; it freezes in menu building phase. This is very frustrating.
I tried also blu-ray authoring feature in Nero -package (Neero Vision), but it is also very unflexible - you are allowed just to use existing layouts.

Thereforee I'm also currently looking for better authoring software. I see there already some tips - have too take a look at those.

/ Kai