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In Topic: Sea & Sea YS 250's and cables for sale

18 November 2012 - 09:23 AM

I'm interested. Are they both still available ? Could PayPal you.

In Topic: Salt Lake, Connemara, Ireland

05 June 2012 - 12:19 PM

Hi Paul, yep thats the very place. Loads of little yellow and red feather duster worms all over the place. A great macro spot indeed.

In Topic: Salt Lake, Connemara, Ireland

28 May 2012 - 12:41 PM

Scubaspud25 is spot on. The lake is really like a giant rock pool fed twice a day by the tide. Quite a current at the falls but as you move away from there its quite calm and still. I usually don't dive any deeper than 7 or 8 meters when I go there. Great spot to kill a few hours with a macro lens.

In Topic: How to fix an aquatica housing???

20 May 2012 - 01:25 AM

First up I am an Aquatica user, no connection to the company other than I have had four of their housings over the years.

Of the four housings I have had I'll say this, each housing has been better than the last in terms of function and usability and always the guys at Aquatica have been really excellent to deal with. They make a fantastic product at a great price and back up that with a really great aftersales service. My experience has not been without problems though. Two of my housings have had "issues". One, was cosmetic when I opted for a new coating they were developing and it started to come off the housing after the first few dives. It was replaced without any quibble at all.

The other second is my current housing, a Nikon D7000 housing, like some other people who have posted here I have had problems with sticky buttons on this unit. Once below 15 meters the 4 buttons connecting to the selector panel on the back tend to stick in once depressed, which in turn tends to depress me!

When I contacted Aquatica Jean knew about the issue and sent me a pack of parts to swop out and replace. Simple enough job which I did but it had no impact on the sticky buttons which weren't included the parts swap kit.

I contacted Jean again and he was back within hours to say they'd really they need to see the housing to fix tolerances etc and could I ship it. I have absolutely no doubt that Aquatica will fix this, but equally I have no doubt that I have to play my part in that too. Why our friend here won't just ship back his housing and get this thing resolved is beyond me.

To me this is an entirely reasonable request on behalf of Aquatica and to be honest, the expected approach. My only difficulty is that the diving season is getting underway here and to ship to Canada and back will leave me without the housing for a month or so and I don't want to do that right now. Better to struggle with what I have for a while and get some pictures than to have now camera to dive with, but thatís my choice. I know loads of folks have the D7000 housing and use it regularly with no issues at all.

Remember what these guys are doing, this is complex engineering, operating in a harsh environment, with loads of differing users of varied experience messing with their kit and we demand all of this as soon as the next camera hits the market. This is a tough gig, to expect it to be flawless all of the time is to be naive. Sometimes it will go wrong and it will need to be fixed, the real measure of the company is how they respond in these cases. Im my experience Aquatica and in particular Jean, have excelled in this aspect of what they provide.

So will I buy from Aquatica again, you betcha, great product, great price, great back up service and great guys to deal with. They get my vote. Well done Jean and many thanks for your assistance and help to me over the years, looking forward to many more.

To off Axis productions,....just ship it!

In Topic: a few more images

09 May 2012 - 10:57 AM

Very Nice Damo. Love seeing your pics. N.