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#373259 Trip Report: Kasai Village Resort-Philippines

Posted by kandace on 03 May 2016 - 01:45 PM

We were at Kasai Village Resort, in the Philippines, in March/April, 2016. We arrived March 29, 2016, flying into Cebu from Houston, Tx via Singapore. The resort has a van waiting for you at the Cebu International airport.  Unfortunately, the trip time to Kasai was quite lengthy, for us, 4.5 hrs. I don't know if the time you arrive makes a difference or not. We arrived at noon, and were in bumper to bumper traffic almost the entire trip. It only got just a little better as we got closer to Moalboal.


The dive resort was nice, comfortable, and clean. They have a complete camera room with chargers to facilitate all your equipment. Ask for a fan, it does get warm. There is an area for rinsing and hanging scuba gear where it can actually dry out. The guides rinse and hang up all your gear. They also take all your gear to the boat. And, that's nice since its a long walk out the pier to the boat because of tidal changes. The resort staff were very friendly and helpful . . . always inquiring about your diving day. But the best part was our dive guides, Tata, Felix, and Alan. Tata and Felix were experts in finding critters . . .  And, Alan really helped me get out to the whale sharks. Whew! What a swim.


Wifi is only available at the "wifi tree" or after 5pm, at the bar. The food was good, not excellent, but good. You can order off the menu even when they are setup for buffet style. Unfortunately, several times when we had buffet style, the food was cold, especially the soup.


The diving was okay. It is mostly wall diving. But the wall has a nice slope, not like Bloody Bay Wall, in Little Cayman. For wide angle shooting, it was a challenge since the vis was not good, I would say about 30 feet. For macro photography, much better but still I noticed quite a bit of particles in the water. The mandarin night dive is above par, not as good as Lembeh, but still quite good. Its easy peasy to dive . . . you literally step off the pier stairs and swimming maybe 30 seconds or so away. Now that's easy. I really enjoyed diving the Kasai Village House Reef so much so that I dove it several times. There's a place going south down the wall, where its like a soft coral garden, with all the colors of the rainbow. Tons of pipefish, nudibranchs and frogfish. You do have to have a guide with you, and the current can pick up.


Would I go back . . . probably not. Next stop . . . Lembeh Resort. One of the best muck diving in the world and all around great resort.

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