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#386734 Need help hugyfot D7000 cannot removed ext. port

Posted by jefdriesen on 15 August 2017 - 06:20 AM

A couple of hours is no problem. Just not days (or longer than necessary).

#386732 Need help hugyfot D7000 cannot removed ext. port

Posted by jefdriesen on 15 August 2017 - 05:28 AM

I had the same problem a couple of years ago (with the exact same housing and port extension). I gently used the same rubber band trick (oil filter tool was too small). Since then I make sure to lube the oring every time and remove the extension ring immediatly after use. Never had the problem anymore since then.

#366214 Tokina 10-17 overexposed at 10mm

Posted by jefdriesen on 16 October 2015 - 01:43 AM

Looks like you were right. At 10mm the aperture doesn't seem to close properly. If I use the aperture lever to open the aperture, it remains stuck in that position. When zooming in just a little bit, the aperture blades do close just fine.


Is this something that can easily be fixed (for a reasonable price) at a service center? I have zero experience with that.

#318190 Buoyancy to aim for

Posted by jefdriesen on 11 October 2012 - 06:11 AM

When i added the right floats to get my rig completely neutral a new way of diving with a camera opendto me.
No hassle, no micro blurred pictures, 2 hands free to do something else while the camera float by my side,
cool self videos with the camera floating in front of me, slower, not jerky movements while recording video, and so on ...

Never again diving with a positive or negative buoyant camera rig!

How do you manage to make the housing stay horizontal? I also have a Hugyfot housing, and with the right amount of floats I can make the housing perfectly neutral, but I'm still having trouble with the horizontal balance. The port (macro or dome) at the front is relative light (plastic) and has a large volume, while the back is heavier (metal and a 45 degree viewfinder attached). The net result is that the port will always try to flip up. So I wonder how you fixed that, because in your video, the housings stays perfectly horizontal.