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In Topic: TG-6 minimum shutter speed feature only works with flash?

Today, 03:59 AM

This is frustrating however if you have access to A mode it can be accomplished.

Just set the wider aperture it still gives you decent image quality and focus and then move your ISO until you get your shutter speed of choice at that point lock AE. I would recommend a -0.7 to -1 exposure compensation


If the resulting image is useable you are good to go if not you need to take compromises. Typycally your camera will have a max ISO to go anyway


At surface in bright conditions even in program mode at ISO 100 I get regularly 1/250 with f/5.6 - f/8 in Egypt at the surface I am sure you can work it out

In Topic: Which lens/dome for m4/3

Yesterday, 07:35 AM

Nauticam recommended port for the 8mm is the 140mm glass port which is bigger than the 4.33 and the 3.5m. This port is made of glass and coated internally so it does not have reflection issues that might occur in some cases when shooting against the light (I have had a 0.5% occurrence) This is of course 3cm longer than the 4.33 and 5cm longer than the 3.5 so possibly the worst option for close work but has the best optical quality

The difference between the 3.5 and 4.33 is 2cm this only makes a difference for very specific shots. The 3.5 is not positioned well compared to the lens nodal point and the surface is flatter this means the lens looses field of view and corner sharpness is worse


Having said that there are plenty of people that use only the 3.5" and are happy with it. I prefer to have mode field of view as for me large fish schools are a priority compared to a single frogfish to give an idea but I had both ports. Due to lack of use of the 3.5 I sold it


in terms of glass vs acrylic glass scratches less but once damaged goes in the bin acrylic can be repaired on the field

In Topic: Which lens/dome for m4/3

Yesterday, 07:22 AM

4.33 is small with respect to the 3.5cm you gain a couple of cm max there is an old thread from alex mustard here if you look

The 3.5" also vignettes in 4:3 aspect with some cameras but works in 3:2

In Topic: Need suggestion to buy a straight fiber optic cable

Yesterday, 06:47 AM

I don’t like toslink too bulky

Anyway my solution is based on end glow cable I bought on ebay for £5.25 and the plugs for the internal flash that come with the nauticam housing that so far had no use to me
Works with both sea and sea YSD2 and Inon Z240 100% I even triggered it with my phone
The cable is 3mm and I think I prefer it to the 2.2mm of strobes but I need to check on the field


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In Topic: Which lens/dome for m4/3

Yesterday, 06:43 AM

I know, my question is if that is possible with the 4.33 dome.

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Yes everything is possible if you know how key issue is lighting

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