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New Lights

07 April 2015 - 07:47 PM

Hi Folks


I have been testing a ton of lights recently and used them in real dive situations with various cameras. I have selected the ones I think worthy of a second look. I am more bias towards video so most here are for video cameras although some are so handy and small it could be used for digital still at least as a focus light if not close up photos under the right conditions.




Since well known brands that have been reviewed in so many places I keep this finding to lights made in China.

Three lights tested really hit the spot for me. They are of course LEDs. All aluminium body with depth rating of 100m. All three has this nifty lit button switch with status indicator. Blue for full, green half charge and Red for low battery. There is also a safety off circuit to prevent completely draining the battery. They are all similar in size in that they fit nicely as a hand light or mounted onto a UW housing. Small and light. Powerful adjustable. Beam width and spot beam. Small common batteries or small long life rechargeable batteries. White and Red LED options. Accessories and package case. Lastly price.


Coincidentally all three are from the same manufacturer.  


Attached File  HiMax-All1.jpg   207.59KB   97 downloads


First of is the Hi-Max V14

A true Swiss Army of LED lights. This has over 2400 Lumen. Wide (flood) and Spot, Red LED, and all dimmable with levels. Even has two UV LEDs. I had so much fun switching this light to various features during my night dive. Seeing the coral glow in the dark under the UV is fun.

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Second is the V11 ( or the company updated the older version which has a magnetic switch)

Attached File  HiMaxV11.jpg   303.34KB   98 downloadsAttached File  V12 (1).jpg   274.26KB   106 downloads


Like the V14 this handy light uses a Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Like an oversize D Cell but packs in 5800 mah.

Weights only 400g - light a couple of oranges yet gives out 2300 lumens.



It has Food, Spot and Red LED and dimmable.

The front bazel with this design is thicker so more aluminium for heat dissipation. The top features a glow in the dark rings so if you drop your light in the dark you have a better chance of finding it.

Lastly the V12 is a real surprise. This is the smallest of the three. First surprise is when I open it and it takes four double A batteries. I have been waiting for such a light for a long time. Four AA not three not two. So this is much more convenient for charging four and keeping track of sets of spare batteries without mixing charged from depleted ones. Second surprise  is that the light is bright. The light is 2200 lumens. It looks more than that as the beam is very bright. It is a simple light with just two power level and 110 deg. beam. Like the other two it have two o-rings and all aluminium body for good heat dissipation. The small is also good for handheld and also as a back up light.


Now just when I had tested all Hi-Max send me another one to look at. The X6. This is a dive light and is slim and light to be a carry everywhere light. It pack 1000 lumen and like all the LED used is CrEE with very pleasing colour and temperature. This is certainly a good candid as a Go-Pro companion light.

Well I have more to say and if you are interested in more just click on this:


I will post some video samples next using these light on some dive shoots.


If interested in more click on this BLOG


If you are attending ADEX this weekend drop by Scubacam Booth C19. We have all these lights to try out.






Magic Lantern is at it again

01 April 2015 - 06:25 PM

Hello All


The Magicians in the Magic Lantern group has done it again.


If you have read this far then you must know that ML has ibeen cracking into the brains of  Canon DSLRs. Not all of them but some and turning them into something more featured and enable fantastic video capabilities. Including exposure controls, focus, audio tools and RAW HD+ videos like 14 bit uncompressed RAW recordable directly to CF/SD cards. They have done more than the manufacturers who eventually add some of these to new generations of cameras.


Whats next? Well don't throw away your DSLRs just yet.....


They have just done something unimagainable - again. This is to crack a Canon DSLR to enable booting into a Linux Kernel. Wow what's that you must wonder?


This is big deal. The camera is not overtaken like a zoombie by the software and the camera has become a programmable mini computer. So anyone with a knowledge of Linux or App developers could write programs and use it in the camera! Think intelligent control of the camera like shape recognition (there is already smile recognition), daylight level auto trigger, controls for a quad,  multi-spectrial, speed and motion detection and so on. With external detectors and devices working in tantum. Sounds far fetched? Unbelievable ? have a look at this video



WETpixel/ScubaCAM Party at ADEX SIngapore 2015

28 March 2015 - 08:38 PM

Hi all Wetpixellers


ADEX is almost here 10th April to 12th April 2015


As in previous years we like to meet up with fellow Wetpixellers 


Scubacam and Wetpixel Party  is on the Friday night 10th April 2015. If you are in Singapore you are welcome to drop by and have a drink with us.


Venue this year is the Highlander Bar and Restaurant at Clark Quay. Just click on the   Highlander    link. ( 3B River Valley Road #01-11, The Foundry, Clarke Quay)


From 7pm till late.


If you are attending the ADEX show come and visit our Booth at C19 at Suntex City - Right next to the Ocean Gallery   here.    


Looking forward to seeing some of you