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Canon WP-DC38 Adaptors

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#1 Terrierist


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 01:42 AM

Hello, all.


Please, could you help me with a future project?


I have recently acquired a Canon S95 Powershot along with a WP-DC38 Housing, by far it is the first camera I feel comfortable with and I am starting to see some pleasing (for my own use) results. I use an elderly Pioneer Reefmaster manual strobe with an optional slave and am really enjoying my photography underwater.


The question, in the next six months or so, I would like to add a wide angle lens and then after this, a macro lens. The array of kit is a little bewildering and I was hoping the more experienced members could pass on a pointer to help, please.


I have seen M67 adapters but am unsure if this is the right way for me to go forward.


Thanks for any advice.



#2 EthanStark


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Posted 22 August 2017 - 01:29 PM

Product information "INON 28LD Mount Base Adapter WP-DC38"
INON 28LD Mount Base Adapter WP-DC38
Equipped with INON 28LD Mount which is a bayonet lens mount with lockable feature. It's simple yet secure to attach and remove "UWL-H100 28LD" wide conversion lens which is exclusively designed for a 28mm (35mm film equivalent) wide digital camera with a large master lens. For macro imaging, "UCL-165LD" close-up lens and other Mount type close-up lenses like "UCL-165AD" , "UCL-330" and "UCL-165M67" can be used as well.
Compatible with following underwaterhousing:
Canon WP-DC38
Compatible with following lenses:
INON UCL- 165 LD Makrolinse
INON UCL 165 AD (AD-LD Adapter is necessary)
INON UCL 330 (M67-LD Adapter is necessary)
INON UCL 165 M67 (M67-LD Adapter is necessary)
Your camera is equipped like a professional camera with INON accessories. So you will take perfect macro, fisheye or wide angle pictures.
Ethan Stark

#3 bobdob


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 02:30 AM

I used an S95 based system for several years and loved its capabilities. I've listed the main components I used below:



Canon WP-DC38 Case

Official Canon housing for S95 


Heart of the system as it holds all the bits together. You have to buy a a strobe mount separately as different strobes have different mounting styles. I opted for the Multi Direct Base IIa to go along with an INON S2000 strobe and INON strobe arms.
28LD Mount Base DC38   ===>  http://www.inon.jp/p...ntbase/top.html
Used to hold the wet lens to the housing. It's a bayonet connection rather than screw in. Much easier to use when swapping lenses underwater.
Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W51 Set ===> http://www.inon.jp/p...cal/capset.html  (see S95 version in the chart lower down this page)
A connector for the strobe optical cable which attaches to the lens mount base. Also comes with an optical cable and the INON Clear Photo system (I'll give more details on this later).
UWL-H100 28LD Wide Conversion Lens ===> http://www.inon.jp/p...0028ld/top.html
Wide angle lens. It's definitely worth getting the optional lens hood as well as this helps protect it. You can also get an optional dome lens for this to widen the angle of view. I didn't have one, but it's well worth considering it.
UCL-67 LD Underwater Close-up Lens ===> http://www.inon.jp/p...cl67ld/top.html
Close up lens. I didn't use this much, I couldn't get to grips with the technique
As I said earlier, I used an INON S2000 strobe fired by an optical cable. Very nice  compact strobe, and highly praised by many people. My only niggle was that the switches are very small, making it awkward to change settings with thick gloves on. Great for travelling as it weighs sod all.
The INON Clear Photo system I mentioned earlier is designed to prevent back scatter from the camera's flash. This page goes into detail about it ===> http://www.inon.jp/t...clearphoto.html
The system uses a very dark bit of film to cover the camera flash, but what gets through is enough to fire the strobe. With the S95 it's not actually possible to stick this to the pop up flash, so I stuck the bit of film inside the housing in the area of the flash. I did, however, need to put duck tape all over the front of the housing to prevent light spill through the clear plastic. 
One thing worth mentioning, the Canon housings are non serviceable, and eventually start leaking, or having buttons sticking. Both happened to me after 3/4 years of use. If this does happen to you, don't be tempted to buy a third party imitation on the WP-DC38 housing. I've ran in to several people who had done so, and all had major problems with buttons/dials not working and O rings failing. They may be a bit cheaper, but are a waste of money in the long run.
I assume you are UK based going by the flag under your profile. If so, it's well worth contacting INON UK to go through all the bits you may need ===> http://www.inonuk.com/ 
It's run by Steve Warren and Lisa Collins, both very experienced photographers, and very nice people who will bend over backwards to help you out. I believe they are the main importers for INON in the UK (could be wrong here), so it's well worth making purchases directly with them. INON generally don't allow "deals", so you won't get better prices at random web sites, plus the post sale service if fantastic.
Come to think of it, if you are UK based, where about are you? I'm just north of London, and still have most of the bits I've talked about. If you're reasonably close, we could go through it face to face.
Bob Dobson 

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#4 Terrierist


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 02:42 AM

HI, Bob.


Thanks for the really informative reply. Very much appreciated and also to Ethan for his input.


OK, update to the post. I now have the LD adapter and wide angle lens with the dome port. I have an old Reefmaster flash which seems to be giving me some OK sort of results. Next purchase will be the dome cover as I do understand how that can get scratched or damaged easily! I've shot some images in our local training sessions and have yet to take the full lot underwater in either the Docks at Liverpool or in the quarries close by.


That's a really good tip on the housing, I'd never buy a generic, non-branded housing and I like the ergonomics of the Canon housing, so maybe time to invest in a brand-new one and maybe apply some Teflon to the buttons on the old one.


I've home made the base plate to fit my housing, strobe and a focus/video light on, it seems to work well and until a new housing is bought and a strobe saved up for, it'll have to stay like this, unfortunately :)


I looked at buying directly from Inon but found a UK based drop-ship website that was considerably cheaper and then found the mount and wide-angle lens on Gumtree of all places.


Thanks for the all the advice, looks like I'm building up the right way.



#5 bobdob


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 06:32 AM

Good to hear you're getting sorted with the rig, sound like you're being pretty inventive.


Finding a UK base place to get cheap stuff sounds good. Back when I got mine (2011 I think) the common thing was to buy direct from Japan. I thought I'd made a great saving, until I received an Import Duty demand from Customs. I ended up saving only £20, and had no realistic warranty for the strobe (had to be returned to Japan). Hence my view nowadays is buy from the official importers.


May be worth giving Steve Warren a call when you're think about a replacement strobe. He may know about good quality second hand ones.