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In Topic: which fabric to use for background in pool photography

20 November 2018 - 01:40 PM

There were a couple threads about this a few years ago. I've used multiple king size bed sheets sewn together. Need lots of weight to hold it down. Much more than you think. 

In Topic: Ikelite strobe suggestions

07 November 2018 - 11:18 AM

Housings are generally compatible with the whole range of strobes on the market. Yes the z240 should work. If electronic sync (vs optical) then you would need the appropriate cable as it uses a different connector from the ikelite strobes. 


While Ikelite strobes are lovely, they're also big and bulky and the controls are hard to grip UW. I honestly found them quite frustrating. 


I think the best bet to figure the options in a specific case is to call one of the dedicated UW photo stores. They're all generally very helpful. 

In Topic: Looking for comments about (ROV V.S. DSLR+Housing) for decision making

05 November 2018 - 10:54 PM

I'm a bit confused as to your question as you're talking diving vs not diving options. These are different pursuits entirely. 


Unless this is just a post to advertise the Fifish, which I believe would be against forum rules. 


To answer your question, no it's definitely not a good tool for UW photography. Even the official promo material is uninspiring, video footage very shaky.


Looks like an overpriced toy. 

In Topic: Cheap option beetwen d200,lx5 or even d750

13 October 2018 - 11:29 AM

Diving is generally presented as fairly easy and safe. In a way it is both.


But people often forget that you're completely dependent on both your equipment and skills to survive. If either of those fail, you can die very quickly and easily.


Photography, especially with a big heavy SLR rig, adds a serious level of complexity to diving in multiple ways. 

In Topic: Cheap option beetwen d200,lx5 or even d750

13 October 2018 - 11:20 AM

I'd urge you to seriously reconsider starting UW photography as a beginner diver. You need excellent dive skills to even have a hope of safely pursuing photography UW. Its surprisingly difficult compared to shooting on land.


Please spend some time diving first before trying to shoot photos. I cannot stress this enough. 


That being said, there's also a huge difference between shooting with an big heavy SLR rig and a small point-n-shoot camera. SLR rigs are very awkward to handle in the water - all it would do as a beginner diver is to make diving much more frustrating and dangerous to you and your buddies.