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In Topic: Nikon Mirrorless cameras - Z6 and Z7

12 September 2018 - 07:31 AM

I have cancelled my pre-order for now.  It seems the AF on these is not up to the D850 and D500 in terms of speed or AF tracking.  Since I am beginning to do blackwater photography, AF and CAF tracking is an absolute key aspect of the camera and not something I want to compromise on.  I am still reluctant to go to the huge housings for the D850 and D500.  So, I will be waiting to see new developments later this year from Sony.


Sensor-based AF can't compare to a dedicated AF module (requiring a mirror). It's certainly come a long way but still a far cry for the foreseeable future. I guarantee you Sony won't suddenly revolutionize sensor AF later this year. 

In Topic: Strobes wont stay put

12 September 2018 - 06:27 AM

Do u have a picture of your carabiners and the line setup?
I have this same problem with only new nauticam arms, clamps and o rings. My video lights are very heavy tho..

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Here's a quick snap. This isn't the ideal way to rig it for this purpose, but since I switched to optical sync I've taken to mostly carrying my strobes separate, including on my weight belt until I'm in the water. This carabiner position works best for that. 


Aquatica handles have a pass through hole in the center which is great for the loops. They also act as hand straps (much easier to shoot one handed) and points to mount a shoulder strap for carrying longer distances. 


Also shows the new vs old aquatica clamps. New ones (with red logo) are fantastic. Very smooth. 


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In Topic: Tokina 11-16mm vs 11-20mm

11 September 2018 - 10:19 AM

I have the old (version 1) 11-16/2.8 and it was fantastic when i shot DX.


Sounds like the 11-20mm is the newest version of this lens - its replaced the 11-16mm version 2. A quick search implies its just as sharp and with the longer zoom range it seems like a no-brainer. My guess is that the 11-16mm is still for sale to clear out existing stock. 


My biggest issue with the 11-16mm was the short zoom range - it just felt like an 11mm lens with a little give. Now I shoot the Nikon 16-35mm on full frame and find the long end very useful at times. 


I am surprised your housing brand doesn't support the 11-20mm. I'd contact them or perhaps a dealer like Backscatter that may have figured this lens out. 


I would not compromise on the extension ring length. Alining lenses with domes properly is very important. 





In Topic: Bifocal dive mask and Aquatic Optics

09 September 2018 - 01:05 PM

Also very curious about prescription mask options too right now (though not bifocal). 


This definitely would have fit best in the old "Unrequited Gear Lust" forum category. I think its best here now, noting that the pinned "Fins for photographers" was moved to this category. 

In Topic: Strobes wont stay put

03 September 2018 - 04:44 PM

It will always be a problem on land. Especially with heavy Ikelite strobes. I have small carabiners mounted near the strobes and a loop of line on the housing handles to hold the strobes in place while carrying on land. 


The quality of balls & clamps matters too. I recently got a couple of the new Aquatica clamps (with the red logo in the middle) and they're fantastic compared to my old ones. Gonna upgrade my whole system with those.


But no balls/clamps will support the weight of strobes on land.


It does help to fold the arms inward over the housing when transporting, getting in/out of the water, long swims or dealing with currents.