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Ikelite strobe bulkhead

16 April 2009 - 01:07 AM


I keep having a problem with my Ikelite strobe bulkhead.
The screw on the inside of the housing keeps getting loose.
I have to tighten it every 3-4 dives...

Solution anybody?

Have been thinking about loctite but I don't dare to use it, because I don't
know how the o-ring wich seals the bulkhead will react on it...

Red Sea Fish ID

23 February 2009 - 12:22 PM


Can anybody help me out with an ID on these 2 fish?
The first one was shot during a nightdive in Na'ama Bay.
The second one was shot on a sandy area in the Marsa Bareika area.

Posted Image

Posted Image


Underwater Arts Contest

09 February 2009 - 05:57 AM

Yesterday, during the Duikvaker exhibition in Utrecht - The Netherlands, the winners of the Underwater Arts Contest where announced.

I was announced as the winner of the masters catagory: “Nature Awareness”.

The photograph had to tell a message. My message was to make people aware not to throw their waste in the water or other places. Maybe its out of sight, but it is still there for many years.

My photograph shows a diver picking up an empty coke-can...

Posted Image

As soon as the complete results are online, I'll post a link here.

Pieter Rutten

UWP Dutch Championship

01 October 2008 - 05:07 AM

Last Friday (26th of september) the Jury of the Dutch Campionship for UWP announced the results.
I couldn't be there, because I was still in Egypte to work on my Port-Folio.
But on Saturday I received a phonecall from the Netherlands...

I got third in the macro category, first in the fishportret and first in wide-angle with model.
In the wide-angle category I'm not in the first 3...
But because of the listings in the other categories I turned out to be the new Dutch Champion!

As soon as all the pictures of the competition are online, I'll post a link here.

The results (as published by an online magazine):

1. Jan Azier
2. Rinie Luykx
3. Pieter Rutten

1. Pieter Rutten
2. Marion Haarsma
3. Harmen van den Heuvel

Wide-angle with Model:
1. Pieter Rutten
2. Jan Azier
3. Rinie Luykx

1. Rinie Luykx
2. Jan Azier
3. Paul Raps

Dutch Champion Overall:
1. Pieter Rutten
2. Jan Azier
3. Rinie Luykx