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#385038 Bonaire Trip Report [Photos + HD Video]

Posted by Rainer on 14 June 2017 - 09:58 AM

For our final full day, we considered doing some early morning dives (which would still leave us 18+ hours of off-gassing before our flights the following morning), but ultimately decided to just let the gear continue drying and enjoy a more relaxed day topside.  We had a nice breakfast at the apartment, did some light packing, then headed off in search of topside photo opportunities.  We drove to Gotomeer to see more flamingoes, then through Rincon again, headed to Boca Onima to see the ancient petroglyphs and rock paintings, stopped at Seru Largu for 360 degree panoramic views of the island (and Klein), then back to Soroban to The Beach Hut for lunch, with views of the mangroves and windsurfers on Lac Bay.  After that, we drove along the island's southern coast, stopping at the southern lighthouse, the slave huts at Red Slave, and the donkey sanctuary.  We eventually made it back to Kralendijk in time to do some souvenir shopping in downtown (mostly getting magnets and Bonaire salt), then a quick trip back to Gio's for more gelato, before catching a beautiful sunset across the harbor and over Klein.  Dinner that evening was another fabulous meal, this time at La Cantina.  Great way to celebrate the end of a very successful trip.
The next morning was an early wakeup, quick 10 minute drive to the airport, and two relatively easy flights back to LA.  Had a fabulous time on Bonaire and we're already discussing where to head next.  Thanks for reading and looking!
HD Video:

#317517 Strobe not synching

Posted by Rainer on 30 September 2012 - 11:58 AM

Just took the camera out of the housing and shot it past the bare strobe sensor into the mirror. It syncs!

So does that likely just mean it's a cable issue (i.e. the cable isn't transmitting enough light)? If so, great, I'll look at trying a new cable.

Give it a try without the sync cables attached to the strobes...ie take your camera out of the housing and expose the sensor that the FO cable fixes to...take a pic pointing your camera flash to the strobe sensors. Run your test again.

If you get the same results then you'll know for sure that it is not a cable issue or vice versa....

#312937 La Bufadora, MX [Nikon D7000]

Posted by Rainer on 17 July 2012 - 08:34 AM

We recently returned from a fabulous trip to La Bufadora, Mexico. This small town sits about two hours south of the U.S. border along the Pacific coast of Baja California.

I've posted a trip report here: Mexico Trip Report [HD Video]

I did want to just share some of the footage I shot as well. This was my first mult-day trip with the camera (Nikon D7000, Aquatica housing). Another one of the divers has the same setup, but was shooting stills while I focused exclusively on video. He was happy to share his pictures and this was my first attempt at including photographs in a video. I'm sure the transitions could be better, but overall, I like the mixed-media effect (especially since I was shooting wide angle and he was focusing on macro).