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#384481 Panasonic GH-5 lens selection WWL1 or wide-angle

Posted by EspenB on 28 May 2017 - 01:46 PM

Sooner or later Nauticam will probably need to upgrade their M43 housings to a 100 mm port system as the 85 mm system is not optimal for the pletora of bigger and fatter lenses as well as the bigger camera bodies.

#382968 Nauticam dealers now list part 17713 for NA-GH5

Posted by EspenB on 09 April 2017 - 04:49 AM

So you are saying the the GH5 does not have enough HP to handle its recording functions AND auto focus without using an external recorder?


This should not come as a big surprise as auto focus is worse in 4K mode vs HD mode also on the GH4.


Apparently the auto focus works even better if you don't record at all.


Please see page 166 in the "Operating Instructions for Advanced Features" for the GH5:


"To ensure highly accurate focus, 4K motion pictures are recorded at reduced auto focus speeds. It might be difficult to focus on the subject with Auto Focus, but this is not an malfunction." 


Sine auto focus seems to be substantially better as long as you don't record anything, this suggest that the CPU runs out of steam during actuall recording. Even more so in 4K mode.

#382908 Nauticam dealers now list part 17713 for NA-GH5

Posted by EspenB on 07 April 2017 - 01:45 AM


#380196 Lenses for GH5

Posted by EspenB on 03 January 2017 - 10:48 AM

, to going back to one of the more basic 14-42mm lenses (optically they are very good, especially the 14-42mm II from Panasonic, just a bit slow - f3.5) and use the WWL-1 (or INON equivalent) as that provides a very in-water flexible system, going from 130' degrees FoV all the way to 1-2cm macro.


There is no way to operate a manual focus on that lens!?


BTW: https://nauticam.squ...do-in-4k-na-gx8


#380084 Panasonic GH5 Photos / Specs

Posted by EspenB on 31 December 2016 - 01:04 AM

Yeah, there are to many subtle changes both at the rear and the top to make existing GH4 housings usuable.


Still most buttons are the same function only slightly shifted in placement and design.


Also it's a shame that the built in flash is gone.

#379927 Nauticam dealers now list part 17713 for NA-GH5

Posted by EspenB on 26 December 2016 - 12:06 PM

A couple of Nauticam dealers now list part numer 17713 for NA-GH5.


Could be here pretty fast it seems.



I.e. http://scubapix.com/...mix-gh5-camera/





#370484 Strobe / Video light combo

Posted by EspenB on 15 February 2016 - 09:23 AM

No. No.

For photography I will be using strobes. For Video, I will be using continuous lights.


This one is launching soon: http://www.itorch.ca/symbiosis.html



#370437 Decided on a new micro 4/3 setup now need help deciding on which camera?

Posted by EspenB on 14 February 2016 - 12:32 PM


I would whole heartily also suggest (and agree with EspenB) you look at a 14-42mm lens and the WWL-1 Wet lens.


Nothing comes close behind a dome on m43, that has the same corner sharpness as the WWL.


On the other hand for split images nothing comes close to the 180 mm glass dome with either Oly or Pana 7-14 ;-)

#370055 High CRI video lights for macro work

Posted by EspenB on 03 February 2016 - 03:35 PM

I decided to do a quick dry run.


Gh3 + Olympus 60 macro.


shutter at 1/25 (25 fps video)


f stop started at f16 and ended at f8.


lighting was a scubapro nova 700 (rated at 700 lumens and its a narrow tight spot)


I also tried to light the scene with a 100 degree video lamp, but that was a waste like you guys allready have stated.


sorry for the shake, it was bad tripod not suided or the weight of the camera, and autofocus was running continously.


still I found it interessting that the narrow beam was up for the job.



#363109 Olympus 7-14 mm f2.8 will not fit in Nauticam housings

Posted by EspenB on 11 July 2015 - 02:46 AM

The ZEN Underwater solution for both the new Olympus 7-14 and 8mm lenses is now posted on the Wetpixel front page. Solutions for both Nauticam and Olympus housings.


They went for the previously speculated 30 mm extension on a dome port for the Pana 8 mm fisheye.


Undoubtly the Nauticam 4,33 mini dome with the 30 mm mini extension should also work.

Nauticam has updated their Oly 7-14 PRO solution:






Our testing shows that the lens works extremely well in our #18809 180mm Optically Coated Glass Dome Port.  This is a DSLR mount port, and is attached to the smaller N85 mount featured on micro four thirds housings with our #36401 Nauticam N85 to N120 55mm Port Adaptor with Knob.



#362469 Olympus 7-14 mm f2.8 will not fit in Nauticam housings

Posted by EspenB on 20 June 2015 - 04:06 PM

The only surprise here is the rather short extension compared to the Pana 7-14. 47 vs 55 mm.


#36401 is an existing adapter btw.


For the Oly 12-40 it raises the question of which solution (55 vs 67 mm) which actually places the lens in the optimal nodal position of the dome.

#361635 Olympus 7-14 mm f2.8 will not fit in Nauticam housings

Posted by EspenB on 30 May 2015 - 05:19 AM

Here is a short Pana vs Oly 7-14 mm review at Mirror lessons:






The Lumix 7-14mm proves an excellent competitor despite being a much older lens.


Given the added difficulties (and expenses) of using the Oly 7-14 under water you might think twice about it being a significant enough upgrade...



I feel that the M43 system really need a 7 mm prime! I hardly zoom with my 7-14 mm that much under water, and a quality 7 mm would surely be smaller and weight less than this 7-14 PRO. Maybe Panasonic can surprise us!

#359349 Olympus 7-14 mm f2.8 will not fit in Nauticam housings

Posted by EspenB on 29 March 2015 - 01:13 AM

Does anyone here use the Nauticam 7" Dome with the M.Zuiko 12-40 Pro?? Its seems that it would be a easier (no extensions to attach) and cheaper solution than the Zen domes. Also, wouldn't it work with the upcoming 7-14mm Pro?


Naticam Port chart: http://www.nauticam..../catalog_18.pdf


The 12-40 mm PRO fits in either the "36129" 7 inch dome or the "18809" 180 mm glass dome.


The 7-14 mm PRO is too wide for the N85 port system (as illustrated in my first post), thus you will need the N85 to N120 port converter as previously depicted in this thread. The lens neds to be installed from the port side after the camera is installed, then you need to install the dome port.

#336987 Which video lights for wreck illumination

Posted by EspenB on 13 September 2013 - 12:10 AM

I ended up with two Fisheye FIX Aquavolt 7000alpha. :notworthy:

#335410 Which video lights for wreck illumination

Posted by EspenB on 05 August 2013 - 11:59 PM

I really want new lamps for my DSLR based video rig (Panasonic GH3 in Nauticam housing) but fint it difficult to find a good Product to invest in. My current video lights are the Patima Redshark PL-2700W (2700 lumens). I really want something in the 5-10 000 lumen range, preferably LED based and no external cannister.


The L&M Sola 4000 and FIX Aquabolt 7000 is perhaps closest to my vision, but the Sola 4000 might not have enough output and my main concern about the Aquabolt 7000 is the inconsistent color temperature which seems to change a lot with the output power.


On the cheaper high output side you have the Archon 100W LED light, but this "chinese" light seem to get mixed reviews. Also the output seems to not be the 10 000 lumens stated. Also not possible to dim the light in an incremental fashion.


My light budget is arround 3000-3500 USD total.


Any suggestions or recomendations for products to look into?