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In Topic: $4.3 mill for a photo!!

29 November 2011 - 01:37 PM

Beyond all the publicity, this sale will certainly set some kind of precedence for the valuation for the rest of his images.

This could end up being a huge, huge windfall for him and propel him and his work to an even higher level.

Seems like most people on here are trying to value the image based on the image, but art collectors don't just buy pieces or art, they buy names and stories.

Shoot, maybe Gurksy bought it. Maybe, in the long term, it's worth it.

Or maybe Christie's is just rich people Ebay and someone got caught up in the bidding frenzy.

Either way, it's an interesting story.

In Topic: Canon 24-70mm L lens

18 March 2011 - 06:00 PM

I like the focal lenght and range, so I tried the 24-70 in my Subal.

But in the Subal, the lens is so wide that you can't use a zoom gear. The housing gear goes right on the rubber covering of the zoom area on the lens. And since it's a telescoping zoom, rather than an internal zoom, like the16-35, it's just too hard to turn to make an effective zoom in the Subal.

At least, that was my experience.

I'm interested to hear how it might work out for you.

In Topic: Which name brand housing ... or wait?

10 March 2011 - 10:53 AM

Eight years ago, after some looking at a few different housings, I went with Subal. I preferred the controls and also how well everything works...every time.

And then six years ago, when I updated to a 5D, I looked around a bit again and again went with the Subal. I've been very happy with it. My only gripe with it, like many people, is that you have to very careful with the port accidentally turning. That takes constant vigilance, especially when the dome port. Beyond that, it's been a solid system that has worked on every single dive. The main housing that I've seen people have problems with are Ikelites; a lot of people that I see with Ikelites seem to have some little trouble here and there, but then I am not sure what their care and maintenance is like either.

If I were to update at this point, I'd look around again at all the housings, but that would mainly be for pricing, rather than performance. And I would be influenced both by my experiences and also by the fact that I already have all the Subal ports.

I will add that I have seen the Nauticam in person, but not had it in my hands and played with it.

Overall, I think there are so many great housings out there and, between the higher end housings, I think some of the decision is comfort and ergonomics.

Best of luck to you.