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In Topic: How many lenses do you fly with...

18 April 2017 - 05:03 AM

1-D500, 1- 10-17,1- 105, 1-60. I have a 17-140 I take and almost never use. 4inch dome macro port for 60 and extension for 105. 2 subsea close up lenses.

All packed in a small Think Tank roller bag with plenty of room for strobes daily meds, a rain coat and batteries

   I found for land stuff my iPhone works really well so I will probably not take the 17-140 anymore.

In Topic: Best Bonaire Sites for Macro + Wide Angle

18 April 2017 - 04:53 AM

South of the Salt Pier there is Tori's dive site. This site and the sites close by I can almost everytime find a Juvenile Queen Angel in the shallows. There is Fire Coral in i'm going to say in 9 feet or less depth. They are in that fire coral. Of course thats a surge zone so hopefully you get lucky with that.


For wide angle, Salt Pier has already been mentioned, it's great for wide angle. There is of course structure with colorful sponges but also usually schools of Horse eye jacks and grunts there.

  The other place for wide angle is a drift between Candyland and Taylor Made. You don't need a guide to do this but it helps, I recommend Bos Tol for that, just google you will find him.


Must have, A guide book. Shore Dives made Easy by Susan Porter. I think you can get it on Amazon. 


Where you staying?

In Topic: A nasty Honduran surprise

10 April 2017 - 02:03 PM

Part of the problem in Roatan Honduras is 5 large airplanes land there and they are not equipped for that. Three of those 5 land with in 45 minutes, it just overwhelming. Just a few years ago there were only three a week. As for us, we will keep going back. We have been to CocoView 16 times and love the people there. But I do hope they get long lines figured out, seams to me if they could just space the planes out over a few more hours the problem would be fixed. The way they finger print you and stuff the camera in your face was mandated by USA customs, they furnished the equipment. Or so Im told..

In Topic: Nikon Comparison D500 vs D7200

05 March 2017 - 08:22 AM

I have had the D7000, D7100, D7200 and now the D500. The biggest difference has been focus ability. From the D7000 being quite poor at focus, the D7100 a lot better focus and significantly better images. The D7200 better focus then the D7100 and slightly better image quality. The focus ability of the D500 blows them all out of the water, it is fantastic. Image quality is similar to the D7200 until you start jacking the ISO up, then the D500 is a lot better.


  My take on these four cameras is that if you can't get in focus in a reasonable amount of time it sucks. The D7200 is a fine camera, focuses fast and in low light. The D500 is just a little better all the way around.


The D500 has no onboard flash. Not sure if that is a handicap or not. I have a Nautical housing for it with onboard flash triggers, the recycle time is no longer camera dependent, crazy fast.