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In Topic: Auto-Magic Filter

24 January 2007 - 03:03 AM

BTW: I bought an Auto Magic filter to use with our newly purchased Canon IXUS 65 (and underwater housing). Unfortunately it proved the least valuable of all the camera equiptment we bought in preparation for our honeymoon. I found that when snorkelling, even when I dove down as far as possible, the pictures still came out quite orange. Reverse colour correction is worse than using normal colour correction in Photoshop I think.

A note to all. If you're not going deep enough to need a serious external flash setup, you're probably not going deep enough to warrant the purchase.

Unfortunately the filter cost even more than a 2GB SD card, but was only used once... with very poor results. Scuba diving situations only, to be sure.


ps. With the filter removed we had a great time taking photos and videos of ourselves snorkelling along with the aquatic life around us! Thanks to everyone who helped me pick the Canon IXUS 65 and case. It's a great partner to my Sony-R1.

In Topic: advice for a p&s canon digital compact

07 August 2006 - 07:42 PM

Hi Anthony,

For underwater use, the ixus 65 is poor choice. It lacks any control over shutter speed and aperture. What lead you away from the suggestions provided by several members in this other thread?


The Fuji F30 records video at 640x480 30fps and has aperture/shutter speed control. It is also a much better camera for topside use than the ixus 65 due to its high ISO performance. The F30 will have no trouble with an external optically triggered flash because you can set the shutter speed.

Also, given your stated criteria as a "'duck-diving, daylight snokeller", the advantages of using a magic filter with higher ISO would seem to be appealing.

Finally, pricewise in Australia, the Canon and the Fuji seem to be on a par.


Thanks for your reply anthp,

As my fiance has rejected the Canon A540 on the basis it is too bulky, so also is the SP-350 disqualified. The other suggested camera on the other thread was the e900 - also too bulky.

The FujiFilm F30 is definately on size and on budget. Unfortunately the reviews leave me with many concerns as to its performance. in particular purple fringing was identified as a problem, one of my pet hates (see dpreview conclusion).

I don't agree that the IXUS 65 (SD630) suffers from noise problems. One review (of the IXUS 60, practically the same camera but with a viewfinder) states that "shots taken at ISO 400 were on par with most competitor's ISO 200 or even 100 settings". Seems Canon have worked hard to achieve great results in low light (see imaging resource review).

The lack of control over aperture & shutter speed on the 65 is a definate shortcoming. Honestly though, my thought is that in a snokelling environment (ie, no air supply when skin-diving to subject depths) I won't have endless time to set manual controls anyway - so I'd likely be on 'auto' regardless.


ps. All your feedback has made me focus my research in areas and review products I hadn't previously considered. Thank you all.

In Topic: advice for a p&s canon digital compact

06 August 2006 - 03:31 PM

Hey all,

After some serious consideration of the canon A540 my plans at a AA powered gem have been dashed. My fiance, who is the actual intended recipient (I get a more serious Sony R1, she gets the play thing) played with the A540 in a store, she has decided it is way too bulky for her "needs".

Drats. Battery charger #3 here we come. For an extra AUD$100 I am looking at the considerably smaller Canon PowerShot SD630 (IXUS 65). With the WP-DC3 Underwater Case it should be able to do everything the A540 can... with a custom battery and a smaller flash.

Anyone have any experience with this camera? Any noteworthy drawbacks noted?

I looked at other brands but they seem to be lacking in quality or function (namely, not being able to record 640x480 video at 30fps).

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


ps. Is it just me, or is WetPixel one of the slowest websites on the internet. I find it astonishingly slow, from a number of PCs using different internet providers.

In Topic: fuji e900 or oly sp350

31 July 2006 - 07:35 PM

ce4jesus: Thanks for your feedback. I've done some further reading and although there are some conflicting reports, for the most part it does indeed seem to be a "battery indicator" issue rather than a problem with the camera working or chewing through NiMH batteries. That's a relief.

I thought the Canon A540 sounded like a premium option. Canon sound like they have the advantage when it comes to their low-distorion lens and their general speed and performance. But I realise now that you folks are discussing them so much because it has the ability to take an external flash and the A540 doesn't!

I see the A620 can also support a "Canon High Powered Flash" which is no doubt why it also rates in the forums.

I have a Sony HVL-F32X flash and wondered;

A) Would it work with the SP-350?

B) Is there an underwater case available for it?

C) I'm a duck-diving, daylight snokeller, would the in-build A540 flash serve me well enough in 99% of cases?

Thanks everyone!


In Topic: fuji e900 or oly sp350

27 July 2006 - 06:55 PM

20 pics  :rolleyes:  Actually I've owned one for about a year. I can fill an entire card full of RAW images (86) twice (172 images) on one set of 2500mah batteries using the internal flash. However, as a practice, I usually change the batteries after every 2 dives. This is usually after filling 1 Gig card. The reason is that with fresh batteries the camera's performance is better. IE...write times and flash recharge times are faster. For what its worth, I'm happy with the camera.



Hey Gary,
The people posting about battery life are referring specifically to high capacity NiMH rechargables. If you use single use Lithiums there's no issue.

Were your's rechargables?