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Shiprock, Sydney Australia

24 March 2019 - 07:49 PM

One of the best regarded divesites in Sydney is Shiprock.  The site is on Port Hacking to the south of Sydney and the entrance is in suburbia, surrounded by expensive waterfront homes, it has an amazing array of life and being an aquatic reserve  fish are plentiful.  This is a shore dive and there are steep steps down a cliff face to reach the entry point and the site features a wall running from about 7 to 15m deep.  It is subject to strong tidal currents and needs to be dived on a slack preferably high tide.  Here is a google maps link:  https://goo.gl/maps/Nq2mRe95rYu


Had a really nice dive there last Friday and here's some pics, descriptions below the pic  All taken with OM-D EM-1 MkII and Panasonic 30mm macro - Nauticam housing, INON Z-240 strobes:



Pineapple fish are nocturnal and have a light producing organ that assists with their hunting.  Shiprock is one of the few spots they are regularly found around Sydney dive sites.



Sieve Patterned Moray, less common than the regularly seen Green Moray



Ringscale Triple Fin, a small fish that claims sections of rock as territory, common at Shiprock but not so common elsewhere,



Six Spine Leatherjacket, quite common of many dive sites, but tend to be skittish, this one is about 300mm long so a bit of a challenge for a macro lens



A Pygmy Leatherjacket another common fish around Sydney they seem to have their tail curled around semi permanently



Eastern Frogfish, an ambush predator hiding under one of the many ledges at Shiprock



Doroprismatica atromarginata, quite common around Sydney and the only Nudi I found this dive,  At other times the variety of nudis is much greater.



Blotched Hawkfish, Shiprock is the only Sydney dive site I see these regularly