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In Topic: Remote slave trigger batch!

19 January 2019 - 03:01 AM

Hi all


, a little update,


i have made another batch because of the huge demand and i have some triggers left.


They work flawless, no battery inside so easy to use. 


They work only with Ikelite 160 – 161, Sea&Sea 110, all Inon strobes, all Subtronic strobes, Nikon SB105.


Greets, Hedwig.


In Topic: FS: YS-250 Sea&Sea strobes

01 August 2018 - 02:18 AM


In Topic: FS D810 Hugyfot, strobes, ports ...

05 July 2018 - 04:32 AM


In Topic: FS D810 Hugyfot, strobes, ports ...

25 June 2018 - 04:21 AM

So, an update of the equipment.
I ask 9500 euro for the hole package which is the half of the new price.
I have been very surprised with the image quality of the D810 ... previous i used a d7000.
Possible to use electrical or fiber connections( with ledstrobe!)
PM to hedwig.dieraert@gmail.com if interested.
Here is a list:
Nikon D810
Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR
Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diag. Fisheye Nikon-D AF
Tokina 10-17mm/F3.5-4.5 AT-X FX Nikon shaved
Nikon Micro 105mm VR f 2.8G ED AF-S old type
Samyang 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC Nikon
Kenko PRO 300 DGX 1.4 Extender Nikon
Hugyfot D810 housing with all options
Inon 45 ° Angleseeker
Hugyfot 5” Breedhoek Poort - Acryl
Hugyfot 6.5” Breedhoek Poort - Acryl
Hugyfot 7” Fisheye Poort - Acryl
Hugyfot Extension Ring 10mm
Hugyfot Extension Rings 20mm
Hugyfot Extension Rings 30mm
Hugyfot Flat Port L50 - Acrylic
Hugyfot Flat Port L100 - Acrylic
clamps 2 - 11pc
arms 17pc
clamps 3 - 2pc
Inon Sync Cord Nikonos - 4x
Inon strobe type 3 - 2pc
Inon strobe type 4 - 2pc
Sea&sea YS-250 strobe - 2pc
Inon Optical D Cable - 2pc
Sea & Sea Optical cable - 2pc
quick connectors - 2pc
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