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Tiger Shark trip, Bahamas Dec 08

09 January 2009 - 03:20 PM


Nothing here that most people on this website won't have seen....and certainly far more people on these JASA trips have taken much better shots than these!

Still, it was my first real go with my newly acquired DSLR , after upgrading from my p&s : Canon 40D, Ikelite housing, Tokina 10-17, twin Ikelite DS 125 strobes.

I'm quite pleased with the results but recognise I've a long, long way to go. I've never had so much fun taking photos underwater though!

Wetpixel's very own Mr Shawn Heinrichs was on this trip and I have him to thank for a 'Happy Hour' / sunset dive under the boat at El Dorado with tigers and reefies, that no-one else seemed to want to go on....although I did dither a bit before making my mind up, as he'd attest!


Vignetting, strobe arm length

23 November 2008 - 01:35 PM

Hi there

I have a couple of questions as follows :

(a) I have recently switched from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR and, apart from now living on bread and water, am pretty excited about using it.

The system I thus far have is : Canon D40, Ikelite housing, Tokina 10-17, twin DS 125 strobes, SA 100R arms and 8" port with shade.

I took a dip with the gear yesterday, in very low viz, and everything seemed to work well. I placed the arms behind the port as far as reasonably possible and pointed out, and didn't really get any backscatter. However, the problem I did have was that, at the lens' widest setting (10mm) the corners were blacked out (see attached photo - try to ignore air coming out of my head!) . I noticed that the problem seemed to disappear when the lens was zoomed in.

Are the black corners the port shade or is this some form of vignetting? Any way to alleviate this problem other than removing the shade?

(b) I'm off on my second tiger shark trip with Jim Abernethy in a few weeks' time - would you think that the arms I currently have (14") would be sufficient or might I need to extend? Certainly I had very little backscatter in low viz yesterday although any subjects I photographed were very close-up.

I have a Sigma 17-70 lens I'll be taking on the trip and will be shortly buying the body to go in the 8" port - struggling to remove the existing body from the port at the moment but have bought an oil strap wrench which hopefully will do the job!



Which Ikelite port ?

11 August 2008 - 05:19 AM


I'm looking at getting a Canon 40D and Ikelite housing (can;t afford a more expensive one!) and am thinking of getting a Tokina 10-17 as my wide-angle lens.

The question I have is, which port do I get, the 6" or 8" ?

The reason I enquire is that I gather the 8" may be more vulnerable to getting knocked off the housing and I'm wondering what experiences people have had of either port.

If I go for the 6", is vignetting an issue even with the port shade removed ?

Thanks for any comments