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#406793 GH5 lense choices (fisheye or WWL?)

Posted by stphnmartin on 04 June 2019 - 09:45 AM


Nice video! Do you remeber what time in the video you were using the 8mm? Is this the Pana 8mm or Oly? Also do you use WWL-1with the 12-50?


All the wide angle shots underwater are with the 8mm Olympus. I don't use the WWL. I think I may have used the 12-50 only on the frogfishes as they are a bit larger. All other smaller critters were shot with the 60mm.

#406752 GH5 lense choices (fisheye or WWL?)

Posted by stphnmartin on 03 June 2019 - 09:46 AM

Hello, This is John from Korea.

Ive been diving for about an year now, and got GH5 recently.

I havent bought the housing yet  and planning to get nauticam.


I will be focusing more on the video than steel,

and looking for some advises on the lense choice.


I was going to get olympus 8mm f/1.8 fisheye for wide angle

and olympus 60mm lense for macro.


ive gone through most of thread relating to GH5, but it is surprising that no one really mentioned

those lenses.

most of the people here suggests WWL.


what are the benefits of WWL?







I used the 8mm and 60mm along with the 12-50mm. The 60 mm and 12-50mm can use the same port. You can see these lenses in action here getting wide and macro/super macro shots:


#400563 Ambon with the GH5 and Psychedelic Frog Fish

Posted by stphnmartin on 05 November 2018 - 07:57 PM

Back in September I concluded a liveaboard tip to the Banda Sea with a stop over in Ambon before flying home. I got in 12 dives in 3 days with Critterjunkies by divebluemotion. The dive shop is pretty basic and located on the shores of Laha. And, like most parts of Indonesia, sanitation is not at levels we experience in the west. So, the rocky beach was covered in plastic as well areas beneath the water. However, many magical creatures make this area home.
The water was warm enough for comfort in a 5mm wetsuit for long muck dives and viz varied from 30-50 feet, although on the last day, after a harsh rain, viz deteriorated to 2-3 feet! The top of the critter list was the psychedelic frogfish (PFF) and I didn't expect to actually see one. But, our guide had found one several days earlier and we got to see one on the second dive! There is competition amongst the dive guides and operators to find PFFs so when went to look for the PFF, our guide had one diver visit with the PFF while the others were off at a distance so other guides or boats couldn't figure out the location. It was like a secret mission. However, the PFF was in shallow water and the surge and particulate made for really difficult shooting conditions.
Here's a video of what I encountered in 12 dives. Comments and critiques welcome.


#396529 Exploring the Salish Sea

Posted by stphnmartin on 17 June 2018 - 08:49 PM

Put together the better clips from diving the Salish Sea this past winter. Cold water does have some beautiful things to offer! Comments and critiques welcome. Gear list is in the video description.


#395459 Took the GH5 to Anilao

Posted by stphnmartin on 16 May 2018 - 06:58 PM

It seems like there have been a lot of videographers in Anilao recently. Here's my contribution. Comments and critiques welcome. Pretty much everything shot with 60mm and CMC-1. Mavic Pro for the drone shots--which I didn't get much of because it was so windy!


#395046 Nauticam using images without consent

Posted by stphnmartin on 03 May 2018 - 05:30 PM


I entirely agree.

It's like embedding a tweet in another platform. As long as the original post and link is not removed it's ok. A user can always click on it and brought to the original page. 

I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty confident it's something related to Instagram ToS and not nauticam.


"It's like embedding a tweet in another platform."


Yes, a tweet that you've spent thousands of dollars on equipment and thousands of dollars on travel to fly around the world to get the shot only to have to put next to an add to cart button on the Nauticam website without notice.  


"I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty confident it's something related to Instagram ToS and not nauticam."


Excellent, please point out in the Instagram ToS where this is covered.

#394946 Nauticam using images without consent

Posted by stphnmartin on 01 May 2018 - 08:27 AM

Ryan, I find your response tone deaf. You stated on FB that you are in compliance with IGs ToS in the use of our images. I asked you to point directly to the portion of the ToS where you're in compliance and you didn't respond. I'd still like you to do that now.


"We have absolutely no interest in violating any copyright."


This is in direct conflict with your actions of implementing technology to take content without permission.


"What better association is there than having that image fed into the brand web page?"


Compensation for the use of copyrighted material in the promotion of your products. That would be much better.


"We are not saving the image on our servers or modifying it in any way."


This is immaterial in terms of violating copyrights. You're not even in compliance with the software service you've relied upon to display the copyrighted material on your website from foursixty.com which specifies you must have rights and ownership of the content you distribute through the software. Nonetheless the copyrighted images appear on your website. I'd like you to demonstrate where you'e in compliance with foursixty.com's ToS.


"The instagram poster has complete control over the image."


And yet the copyrighted images ended up in a curated gallery on nauticams website without permission or notification? Can you not see the contradiction here?


"It is clear that instagram posters appreciate the courtesy of a permission request before an image is shared on our branded site..."


Glad you learned this. I'd hope a company that sells expensive equipment for underwater photography and videography would actually be more in tune with its customers such that asking permission first was a no-brainer. But, It's better to now possess this knowledge than to continue on without it.

#388597 Underwater Monitor for Panasonic GH5

Posted by stphnmartin on 20 October 2017 - 08:00 PM

Thanks for the images.

Really helps me get a feel for the set up. I note you have the flip adaptor on your 12-50 Macro port. Are you using the CMC 1 or CMC2?

Do you think the system would balance the vacuum if only one housing had the vacuum valve?



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The 501 housing comes with the vacuum valve, so if you have it on your GH5 housing you're set. If you don't have it on the GH5 housing it may balance in time. You'd have to over vacuum the GH5 housing (Nauticam warns against doing this) and hope it's enough to eventually equalize. It's not a fast process, takes a couple minutes, but might work.


I have the CMC-1. I didn't think the CMC-2 had enough magnification for the cost.


Good luck with your decision!

#388593 Underwater Monitor for Panasonic GH5

Posted by stphnmartin on 20 October 2017 - 06:20 PM

Thanks for the input.

Is the screen orientation change you mention highly sensitive? Can it be turned off?

I am hoping to have a top mounted screen I can clearly view from above. Basically for wide angle on the glass sponge reefs I want to be able to hold the camera below me to get a sideways / slightly upwards shot as I swim the edge of the reef. Between the silty bottom or live sponge cover I need to keep my fins up in the water column



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The image flip can be turned off and it's not intrusive. I haven't had it flip on me unless I was tipping the camera to the extreme. How you describe your use of the camera is exactly why I have it set this way. It's really easy to adjust in this orientation.


I have the camera's built in screen turned off and I can get to the buttons and dials just fine. Attached are some bad iphone pics to give you an idea. I have the tilt adjust in several positions. It adjusts easily underwater. Positioned behind the camera it's less of a sail in current, but it still creates drag.


Attached Images

  • IMG_5258.jpg
  • IMG_5257.jpg
  • IMG_5259.jpg
  • IMG_5260.jpg
  • IMG_5261.jpg

#388493 Took the GH5 to Komodo

Posted by stphnmartin on 17 October 2017 - 08:26 AM

That's a shedload of cownose rays! Did they just fly by once?


Unfortunately, they did just fly by once. And there were a few people in front of me and their bubbles blocked better shots. But, the rays were suddenly upon us. In the opening drone footage of the video, if you recall the narrow passage between two islands with raging current. That's where we encountered the rays. We were drifting through that narrow passage and the rays came from the opposite direction into the current and passed us. It was really an amazing experience!

#388449 Took the GH5 to Komodo

Posted by stphnmartin on 15 October 2017 - 10:13 PM

Back in July I took a trip to Komodo with a virtually brand new GH5 Nauticam setup. I shot either the 8mm Olympus pro fisheye for wide angle and the Olympus 12-50mm for everything else. I recorded 4k60p 8bit and output at 1080p. I like the flexibility of being able to punch into the 4k footage. Although my 10 year old Mac Pro was feeling the pain of the large files. I relied heavily on proxy media when cutting.


I just recently switched to this camera from a Sony CX550 camcorder. So, the techniques and all the buttons were really new to me. I really miss the internal flip macro diopter of the L&M Bluefin housing for the CX550. Reaching around to flip the CMC wet diopter into place around the arms on the GH5 setup is a pain comparatively! I was also outfitted with the SmalllHD 501 in a nauticam housing. This allowed me to see much better what I was filming and I could adjust the angle depending upon the shot. The focus and exposure peaking were very helpful.


The downside of using the external monitor is it kills the camera battery life as having the HDMI cable connected prevents the GH5 from going into sleep mode. As a result I had to swap out camera batteries after each dive. I could get about 3 dives from the SmallHDs two batteries.


I used 2 sola 3000s for lighting and a sola 500 for spot.


On each dive I'd manually white balance for ambient and the solas with a grey card. This worked pretty well and I like I could store the values. Although, I'd sometimes forget which white balance setting I had selected--ambient or solas.


Generally I'm pleased with the results, but learned a lot through making mistakes!


I edited in FCPX. Comments and critiques are very welcome. Oh, and I used a Phantom 4 for the drone footage.


#385506 Panasonic GH5 first dive

Posted by stphnmartin on 01 July 2017 - 11:25 AM

A quick clip of an octo eye using the 60mm and CMC-1. There was lots of particulate in the water as you'll see.


#385434 Panasonic GH5 first dive

Posted by stphnmartin on 28 June 2017 - 07:54 AM

I tried again last night with the 60mm and cmc-1. Getting a gauge as to the best subject size for this combination of lenses. Tried variations of MF and AFC with tracking. Couldn't get the latter to work at all probably due to the shallow depth of field. I'm using one area focus. I'm sure it's probably a familiarity thing, but when I get the camera underwater it doesn't respond like it does when I'm sitting at home just going through the settings! I tried AFC tracking on a hermit crab and the camera failed miserably. It would lock onto something when I was just trying to get it to auto focus!


Anyway, that was me screaming underwater in case you were wondering. Onward with the learning!

#385415 Panasonic GH5 first dive

Posted by stphnmartin on 27 June 2017 - 01:44 PM

Still testing the camera, no footage to share, just experience. Tried the 60mm with the cmc-1. I don't have the focus gear so I was relying on auto focus--which I'm not all that happy with. Part of it is because I'm learning the general focus distance of the lens and the cmc. But, in general the auto focus hunts a lot. Even when using the back button focus lock. 


I also tried the camera in AFC in tracking mode. Didn't really work. Right now my preference lies with the 12-50mm lens for flexibility. But, I'll give the 60mm more tries.


I still find myself hitting buttons and dials I don't want to with dry gloves on. I'm going to try a thinner liner and glove on my right hand to see if that helps. 


I have decided setting the ISO to auto is probably the way I'm going to go. One less thing to adjust.


Hope you're getting along fine with the new setup. Please chime in a share any discoveries or more efficient setups.


Oh, I did place an order for the smallHD501 and na-502 housing. I expect to put those into action this weekend on next week.

#385218 Panasonic GH5 first dive

Posted by stphnmartin on 21 June 2017 - 07:58 AM

Did another test dive last night using the 12-50mm and the cmc-1. I mistakenly shot everything in S mode which caused problems trying to set the white balance. It was a night dive and I couldn't see any of the button labels on the back of the camera. Also, with thick dry gloves on, I couldn't "feel" for the correct button. I had to pull one of the solas around to illuminate the back.


The 12-50mm nauticam port turns the focus wheel into a zoom wheel. There's also a knob on the port to switch between macro mode. I found the zoom wheel doesn't function when the lens is in macro mode. First you have to switch out of macro mode and then use the zoom. The auto focus worked okay on macro subjects. Sometimes it would focus on the wrong thing and I'd have trouble coaxing it to the right subject, sometimes having to move the tripod a little. (I'm wishing I had a manual focus wheel rather than the zoom wheel!) I think the appropriate strategy going forward is to sit back from the subject more and use the 4k image size to punch into the scene in post. This also provides the benefit of greater depth of field.


I did have an octopus move towards the camera and go out of focus very quickly. So, subjects moving towards and away from the lens will suffer from this. If it's moving side to side there won't be much of a focus issue. Do I dare try continuous auto focus?


The focus distance of the cmc-1 is very, very close. I almost have to hit the subject with the lens to get it into focus. It makes the process a bit more cumbersome when I want to move from wide open, to macro, to super macro on a single subject (something my old setup did with ease). If I have the camera setup perfect for macro and want to go to super, I have to reach out front and move the cmc into place. This can scare the subject and also stir up silt. With practice I'll become more smooth at this operation. The other option is to back away from the subject, set the cmc into place and then return. But, this can also stir up silt lifting the tripod as well as scaring the subject. (Really missing the internal flip macro diopter of the bluefin housing!!!)


With the tripod added to the setup the rig is quite heavy. I was using 6 Stix jumbo floats and it's not enough. I'll add two more at a minimum to make it less negative. When I add an external monitor, more floats will be needed!


The image quality is really, really outstanding and I'm excited about that.


Next test will be with the 60mm. Will post some sample footage perhaps over the weekend.