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In Topic: D500 vs D850?

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

I've had my D850 since March 2nd and have yet to even open the box. It has sat in my camera safe (gun safe haha) untouched for 5 months plus.

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Seriously, I do think the D500 is a better camera for UW for a couple reasons. I'd still go for the D850 myself for certain reasons. Currently shooting D810 UW and love it. 


If you're stuck with an extra D850 and nothing to do with it, I'd be happy to help you out there!

In Topic: Nauticam vs Aquatica housing for Nikon d500

13 August 2018 - 07:04 PM

Been very happy with Aquatica. Started with a D200 in 2006, then D700, now D810. They've been progressively better and better. The D200 housing had 'quirks' but my D810 housing is amazing, its a different animal. 


In 2006 I wouldn't have put them on par with, say, Subal (Nauticam didn't exist then) but now they absolutely are.


You can't really go wrong with any of them. Do consider servicing locations/costs. 


I can say the Aquatica's are built like tanks. I don't baby my gear, I shoot a lot and often on short notice, throwing gear together and rushing around etc... my rig does take a beating at times and handles it very well. 

In Topic: Help deciding on which camera to buy

11 August 2018 - 12:05 PM

Can't comment specifically on camera, but most photos UW are made with super wide and macro lenses. Generally compact cameras don't have that ability on their own. You get wet-mount add on lenses for the housing. There's a 67mm thread standard and many wide/macro wet lenses on the market.


Some compact cameras & housings handle these lenses better than others. Some wet lenses are much higher quality than others too. These would be the two most important factors to me. 


Browse these forums and I'm sure you'll get an impression of what many use. But I'd really suggest contacting and UW camera retail store as generally they are very passionate and helpful people. 





In Topic: weight placement/flotation ideas for dome port on Nauticam housing

03 August 2018 - 02:01 PM

You need to consider how close to neutral the rig is to begin with. Its not simply an option of weight to the front or floatation to the back, could become very positive or negative. I add floatation to my viewfinder to balance a bit, though its not perfect. I may add a bit more and perhaps some small fishing weights to my dome.


Gluing to the shade may be a viable option, or drill holes and screw them on. But try to avoid anything to shiny on the inside of the shade as it could cause glare/reflections. 


The rig's trim will also change in various configurations. Dome vs macro port. Strobes or no strobes. Other accessories etc. 


Many people buy floats for their strobe arms to help balance the rig. 


You may find the opposite with a macro setup, which can often be nose heavy. Companies sell float collars for this. 





In Topic: Tamron 15-30 f2.8 for underwater photo?

28 May 2018 - 03:22 PM

No idea but heard Tamron's have poor quality control vs other brands (some might be soft). Worth checking with your housing manufacturer if they've tested the lens and figured the proper size dome extension ring. Otherwise doing the measurements yourself for an extension would be challenging. Lenses need to be carefully aligned with domes. 


If it has a built in hood, it may not fit in a dome. Though all rectilinear super-wide lenses really should be used with large 9"/230mm domes. 


Also, as we've seen with Nikon's 14-24mm vs 16-35mm, lenses considered 'better' above water may not be so underwater.