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#388359 Seacam Zoom Gear Tokina AF 10-17 100 Euro

Posted by Scubabunnie on 13 October 2017 - 01:53 AM

Sold to our lovely admin Adam

#353416 Ikelite Set-up, D160 strobes, Arms, 8" dome, macro/flat port, subsee adapter

Posted by Scubabunnie on 16 October 2014 - 08:24 PM



I upgraded about a year ago from Ikelite to Seacam .. and I have finally got around to selling the old gear.  The last time I used the system it was working fine, and it takes very nice pictures.   If you take a look at my website and both the 'Palau' and the 'Where it all began' galleries you can see the pictures that were taken with this system. [I was just starting out so the pictures are not my best work !!]. My website is Traceydjennings.com   I used the old system for perhaps a year in all.  


When I was preparing to sell I noticed that there is a surface crack on the front of the housing so I have listed it separately. The surface crack does not go through, and it is possible it has been there for a while and I have not noticed it. All the remainder of the gear is pretty much immaculate.


I can provide detailed pictures, please email me at scubabunnie72@hotmail.com


I'm based in Singapore, which has very reasonable postage. I can hand carry to Adelaide at the beginning of November and Brighton/Leeds around Christmas


Payment by UK bank transfer, international bank transfer (SG dollars account) or paypal.


Strobes & Cables


2 x ikelite DS160  #4060 strobes - like new + chargers product number 3944.90 with instruction book

2 x 2 piece hinged ikelite arms with ball joints - like new

2 x clamps 



The list price for this is 1130 USD each set  i.e. 2260 USD for both. Will sell for 600 USD for one set i.e. strobe + arms . Or 1100 USD for the two sets i.e. both plus actual postage


1 x ikelite dual TTL cord / cable - ikelite to 2 x ikelite strobes 4103.52 - with instruction book

http://ikelite.com/a...-sync-cord.html. The list price is 160 USD Will sell for 75 USD + actual postage


1 x single TTL cable from ikelite to ikelite 4103.51 - like new - with instruction book. The list price is 100 USD. Will sell for 50USD plus postage


Wide Angle Dome Port

1 x mega 8# dome port with cover - 5510.45 like new - with instruction book. 

1 x ikelite super wide port body 5510.11


List price 550 US for the kit.  Will sell for 225 USD plus actual postage


http://ikelite.com/a...1-dome-kit.html. This dome is suitable for various wide angle lens including the 16 mm fish eye.


Flat Ports & Zoom Rings


1 x macro / flat port - 5505.45 like new - with instruction book. List price 200 USD

1 x extension to the dome / flat port with cover - 5510.22 like new - with instruction book. List price 175 USD

1 x zoom clamp / sleeve still in box 5509.28 for lens zoom ring 2.8-3.0"- with instruction book List price 20USD

1 x zoom sleeve 00073 and zoom clamp 9059.8 - with instruction book. List price 20 USD

1 x magnification lens on rubber housing that fits over the flat port. Note sure what the magnification is but it was very useful - was around 75 - 100 USD I think






Suitable for using with 105mm plus many other lenses. See the DSLR lens finder on Ikelite http://ikelite.com/a...rts/finder.html
Total list price is 500 USD. Will sell all for 200 USD + actual postage



1 x subsea adapter from reefnet [no diapoter] - List price - 230 USD


Will sell for 100 USD plus postage


Reasonable offers considered .. please email me on scubabunnie72@hotmail.com



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