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In Topic: What's wrong with harassment?

05 September 2010 - 11:36 AM

Harassment of sea life while trying to get a photograph is a subject on the top of my mind. I just returned from a month of diving the Raja Ampats and 10 days in Lembeh. While in Lembeh I witnessed, and wished I had had the fore thought to take a picture, a group of people tearing apart a group of sponges to get a better shot of a frogfish. While in the Ampats last year, I watched a group of divers from a very well known dive resort move an ornate ghost pipe fish several times, by batting it around, just to get a better shot. After finishing with the pipefish, this same group (dive guide included) pulled a wobegong out from its hiding place onto the sand to film its movements. I am about to write and article regarding this very subject. If anyone wants to add their stories, I will be happy to use your story.