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Brightstar 3W LED torch

21 August 2009 - 12:19 AM

do anyone have this experience?

Brightstar 3W LED torch

* Waterproof to 300 ft (100 m)
* High-Intensity LED: more than 170Lm
* Also workable out of water
* 3 lighting modes: Turbo / General / Strobe
* Aluminum body
* Super compact
* Use 3 standard AAA batteries
* Switchable lens: 15į or 25į

because i bought their Darkbuster 24W HID diving torch and i also get a adapter. it can connect Darkbuster 24W HID and 3W LED together.
i think it is a good design to me to go diving. how do you guys think about that?

review Brightstar Darkbuster 24W HID

13 August 2009 - 01:28 AM

review Brightstar Darkbuster 24W HID I bought Brightstar Darkbuster 24W HID couple days. I have not used it underwater yet but Iím going to diving this weekend and of course I will bring it in that time.
I decided to buy it because of extremely high 1750 Lm and the price is not as expensive as other company.
Posted Image

i'm happy that the quality is quite better than i saw it in picture.
and it also have a lot of accessories, i like the car cahrger it's quite useful for me
Posted Image

what's different between holding and canister light?

31 July 2009 - 12:02 AM

Iíd asked and chosen between Brightstar DarkBuster 24W HID and UK cannon 100.

And I decided to have Brightstar DarkBuster 24W HID because I think it has good C/P value.

I can have 1750 Lumens light and ONLY have to pay $3-400. And also it comes with Lithium ion rechargeable battery and car adapter, so that I can save money form buying battery and I can easily charge it on my way to diving.

But now I got another question, whatís different between holding and canister light?

Whatís the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Any and all thoughts are more than welcome.

which HID should I choose?

20 July 2009 - 11:42 PM

Iím looking for a reliable HID dive light for night diving.

Now I am considering taking Brightstar darkbuster 24W or UK cannon 100?

What do you think about the brightstar one? Had anyone used it before?

I like darkbuster more brighter with 1750 Lm than cannon 100 only with 450 Lm.

I would like some recommendations. Thanks guys.

Brightstar darkbuster 24W http://www.brightsta...o_e.php?UID=772

UK cannon 100 http://www.uwkinetics.com/product/5