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In Topic: ROLLEIMARIN IV help needed

10 July 2012 - 09:39 PM

contact Franz Rothbrust at fr@pro-toy.de

Franz is a member of a recently formed Rolleimarin Group

Thank you I will do that today, would have sooner but your post was momentary lost during the forum attack.

You could do what I did for years with my Rolleimarin ... dive with a sanitary napkin taped to the bottom of the housing to soak up all the water that inevitably got in through the seals.

Paul Tzimoulis used to call his the "bowling ball" for the way it rolled across the deck in a rough sea. Jerry Greenberg used his successfully for years, but as he tired of only 12-exposures per dive he began to use the Rolleikin 35mm adapter. Doug Faulkner made a career from his. I still have two of them, but haven't tried them in years. Bernie Campoli, FLAFROG, must have a LOT of Rolleimarin stories he could tell too. Good luck with yours.

Does it mean that I should not be alarmes and that the slow leaks at 2 meters won't get worse at 30m? If it is the case I'd gladly live with the napkin stuck on the bottom. Thanks for the tip.

My real puzzle is that I can't locate any (except the two big rubber ones) and I am wondering if they have been taken out by the previous owner but in this case wouldn't the water be gashing in? Or maybe it is just that they are deep down inside the parts and I haven't gone far enough to find them?

Re. The Rolleikin, I think it would be a pity not to use the medium format, I am used to the "only 12" issue, I will pick my shots. I am really looking for that fantastic "à la Ernie Brooks" silver feeling.
I'll take my father's Nikonos IVA with me to pack more shots in. BTW is Tmax 3200 a good idea to use in the Nikonos (I'll use Tmax 400 in the Rollei)? I have no strobe and will be shooting with the light that is naturally available.

Lot's of questions here, sorry ;-)

In Topic: Rolleimarin IV advice

03 August 2011 - 10:39 PM

Haha yeah I am kinda into the whole retro thing! :dance:

Viewing ground glass underwater must be hard though? Or would it be great? will have to experiment. I'm thinking I might put the rolleicord in a glass box and put it just underwater in a gentle stream and use it as a periscope?


I was told that the viewing glass through the prism of the rolleimarin is like being in a cinema.
Picture is still inverted but when you are used to that, it is not too much of a problem.

I don't think there is any Rolleimarin adaptable for Rolleicord but I can be wrong.