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Subal Housing for Nikon D300, Dome, Macro Port + more

26 September 2017 - 02:21 PM

For Sale:

Subal Housing for Nikon D300. Original owner and never any problems (no floods). For routine maintenance, I recently had all internal O-rings replaced, serviced, and pressure tested (over 60 O-rings!) by Backscatter. Included is a TTL converter, Dome Port, Flat (macro) port, and various rings to allow for different size lenses, cable for TTL controller, 2 sync cords for strobes, 2 ball mounts for strobe, and neoprene dome cover. In addition, I will throw in a Nikon 12-24mm lens with zoom gear AND at Think Tank Airport International rolling bag. Nikon camera, strobes, and arms are NOT included.


Although the D300 camera has been around for awhile, this camera continues to be a great workhorse. In general, I am a person who loves to upgrade but I've been so happy with this set up I've stuck with it for years. If you want great results for a fraction of what a brand new camera and system costs, this is it.


I hate to let this go, but I recently upgraded to new, smaller system to shoot more video. At first I thought I'd keep this for back up now thinking I won't really use it (just went to Bonaire and it stayed home, seems wrong just sitting there). I just know someone can use this to get great results. Have a look at some of the photos I've created with this system, all underwater pics here were taken with this system. Here is link to photos: www.weatherallphoto.com (click Gallery and the click Underwater).


$1,800 US dollar for everything. Will cover the shipping cost to USA address.