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In Topic: Fisheye FIX LED1000dx Focus/Video Light

09 December 2010 - 12:42 PM

I've got a lightly used Fisheye FIX LED1000dx focus light. It has an super wide and bright beam which works excellently for a focus or video light. It can also double as a night dive light with the included detachable handle. Has an extremely water tight seal with 3 o-rings and a rechargeable battery (charger included). Indicator lights to show remaining battery life. I can email pictures on request.


-Fisheye FIX LED1000dx light
-Detachable handle
-O-ring grease
-Rechargeable battery w/ charger
-extra o-ring kit

Price: $400


In Topic: FS: Patima G10, FIX LED1000dx, S&S ys110a, ULCS

20 November 2010 - 08:44 AM

I would love to buy the Patima housing from you! Have been looking for one for a while and was so excited to see your post! Am unable to send you a personal message for some reason (perhaps because I just signed up to use the forums). Just let me know how we can do this.


I sent you a PM

In Topic: FS: Patima G10, FIX LED1000dx, S&S ys110a, ULCS

18 November 2010 - 11:24 AM

Here is an updated list of the parts still available with some new prices. Let me know if you have any questions.

Patima machined aluminum U/W Housing for Canon G10 w/ two ports, extra o-rings, & grease. (1 macro port & 1 wide angle w/ 67mm threads for attaching wet mount lenses). Retail/$1100 - NOW $700

Video Light
FIX LED1000dx video/dive light + charger & attachable grip/handle, 1000 lumens, adjustable output, very bright. - $500 - Retail/$600

ULCS Parts
1x ULCS 8 arm - $30 - Retail/$48
1x ULCS Ball Clamp (new style) - $15

- 1x Hot shoe mount Sea & Sea connector (for connecting focus/dive light to top of the housing) - $20 - Retail/$40

Willing to negotiate prices with those interested in multiple items.

In Topic: FS: Patima G10, FIX LED1000dx, S&S ys110a, ULCS

12 November 2010 - 12:39 PM


In Topic: Canon t2i 550d Lens Recommendations?

15 April 2010 - 04:48 AM

Thanks for all of the quick replies. I'm starting to lean toward the mentioned Canon 10-22, as I'm more interested in getting into some W/A shots. As well as seeing it to be more useful/fun in the air. My new question would be, what about some other seemingly similar lenses?

Tokina 12-24mm
Tamron 10-24mm
Canon 10-22mm

For those that would like to know a little about my diving/camera situation to help with ideas or a recommendation, I recently moved from Florida where I was diving at least a couple times a month (most dives specifically to take pictures) to Georgia where I haven't been out but once in about 3 months. With my current setup I was limited to mostly macro shots, with some W/A attempts mostly not turning out in one way or another, probably due to lack of a proper wet mount. While most of my shooting lately since being in GA has been of people, places, and just being out doing things and the random stuff that happens. I like the creative door that opens with a super wide lens, topside as well as underwater. Which would be why I'm leaning more in that direction. Although I'm still open for any new suggestions. I don't plan on only having one lens for long, just a good place to start/have fun with. Thanks again.