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In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1 with Ikelite housing

27 November 2005 - 08:32 AM

for the 'bubbles/breathing" sounds what i ended up doing was getting a nice couple of minutes (no ancilliary sounds like the pop of o-rings tightening up or clunks of the retractor bumping the camera etc) and then i made it into a loop that i play at about 50% normal volume in the background.... that way it's there, but only during the 'quiet' parts of the music (and therefore ususally at the beginning before the music kicks in) nobody has ever noticed that the bubbles in the video don't match the bubbles in the audio.

the MAJOR benefit that this provides is that i import WITHOUT the sound in PPro.  that way PPro doesn't have to 'waste' its time during editing doing that &$*%&% CONFORMING AUDIO of audio that i'm gonna turn down 100% anyway.  in the editting process i import that 1 little LOOP and the various musical scores.


Good idea, might try that on the next edit to see how the effect goes.

In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1 with Ikelite housing

27 November 2005 - 12:34 AM


I was wondering how the IkeLITE housing handles sound.

Do they have a external microphone?
Does the sound of the camera get recorded when it is in the housing?
If you film above water with the camera in the housing is the sound very muffled?


Just for kicks, heres a 35 secs clip in MP3(96kbps) taken from my Ikelite housing with no external microphone(?). Camera sound does get recorded.

In Topic: Which underwater video lights?

26 November 2005 - 06:34 AM

How do you like the Light Canons? With two you must get really good coverage. Like everything, do they have a 4-5 ft range? Are you using rechargeables? I was going to just try my UK1200 but the beam is too narrow without the difuser. It also takes D's and is even more bulky. How are the Light Canons atop a housing? Is just one adequate?


Hmm, I've been told I look like a UFO from a distance with both lights on. I'd say 4ft tops and one is adequate. They are really unwieldly as a pair together with the Ikelites and travel is a b**ch. Bought the rechargables but haven't used them, battery life is very good for the cannons.

My guess is, I need longer arms to reduce backscatter and fresh batteries. They have to be bright enough and like the previous post says you need both diffusers on or you'll get a REALLY hot spot.

In Topic: Which underwater video lights?

25 November 2005 - 05:08 AM

I'm using a pair (well mostly one) UK Light Cannons with my Ikelite housing and Ultralight arms. Kinda cheap and cheerful white lights.

In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1/HVR-A1 and housings

20 November 2005 - 06:12 AM

Just checked the HC-1 again, the manual "one-touch" WB on the touch screen menu can be set to a total of 4 taps, including exiting the menu...so a lot less than I thought!

Still it would be akward to do it on the Ikelite housing, through the viewfinder or side mirror, right hand on the right grip and left hand tackling the WB menu and the white slate? Use your buddy? or white fins? Modify arms on ball joint attached to the grip to hold the white slate?

Would appreciate some feedback, thanks from Malaysia!


Hi Sim, from Malaysia too. Waiting for you guys to test the Ike underwater before I put money down. I was halfway towards purchasing the A1 cause I thought manual WB wasn't available with the HC1.