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#395091 which of 3 strobes for cave diving, imaging for science

Posted by Markobaricevic20 on 04 May 2018 - 03:33 PM

Hi Aotus,
Just to check, making photos of cave floor, is it for photogrametry purpose?
I think its very important to define what kind of photos you really need to take.
In underwater photogrametry and for 3D reconstruction quality of picture is based on completely different set of parameters.
Geometry (including edge sharpnes) and frame overlaping is far more important than standard quality of each recorded photo. Basically, for this purpose ypu dont care about noise, its ok to set ISO of your camera to almost highest value, in order to reduce strobe power and recycle time. Gained noise will be insignificant in creating dense cloud and rendering of overal cave model. Than its important to be able to shoot as many as possible photos during one dive ensuring suitable overlaping. In this case its important to select strobe with great battery autonomy.
For that purpose friend of mine, who is expert in archeology uw photogrametry selected Ikelite DS161 strobes - huge battery capacity for money. I understand those are expensive strobes, but just trying to reference strobe selection cryteria regarding its purpose.
If I missed your focus and ussage purpose, please forgive me and ignore this post.