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Q about Nauticam housing for Oly EM10 mk3

10 October 2018 - 09:15 AM

Hi guys -

Can someone let me know the following about the :

- Is it possible to use back button AF on the Nauticam housing for this camera, and if so, is the button at an ergonomically sensible location?

- Does the Nauticam housing allow direct movement of the AF point (IE, without needing to press any button)

- Any unexpected gotchas or other issues with usability as far as this housing goes?


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Switching to Olympus - a few specific questions

18 October 2017 - 06:43 AM

Hi everyone - posting here after a long time.


I am a long-time Canon/Aquatica user, using the Tokina 10-17FE for wide angle and Sigma 50/Canon 100 for macro, which I have been using mostly for my local reef dives (yay for living in a place with excellent diving).  


But of late, I have been leading more dive trips and the big, bulky DSLR rig is starting to grate on my nerves.


I am looking to get an Olympus setup - 8mm fisheye and 60mm macro.     This will solely be for underwater use - i have a full Canon system with a cabinet full of lenses, and a secondary Fuji system for light shooting.  I will NOT be using this for any terrestrial photos.   


I had a few specific questions i wanted to get your opinions on:


1/  I am undecided between the EM5 and EM10 series.   I need to try out both housings on my own, but a few things that i consider near-essential for me are:

- back button auto focus

- ability to shift AF points directly (i'd really prefer not to push any buttons prior to doing that)

- ability to change aperture and shutter directly, with 2 separate buttons for it

- reasonably fast AF

Any feedback on how the 2 bodies compare here?   Are these things equally easy to do on both the cameras?


2/  I have been spoiled by the 45 degree Inon finder on my Canon, and am not really a big fan of using the EVF for assessing critical focus.    Even on the Fuji, I dont really find the EVF to be as good as an optical finder.     If I want to migrate my Inon, I should get the Isotta housing, but i am not sure about the quality of the ports there (or long-term system availability) - or spend extra for the Inon finder.       OTOH, if the EVF isnt that great for critical focusing, maybe i should just use the LCD screen instead.  Is it possible to do accurate focus checks that way?  Or is the EVF (flawed though it is) better?      


Any feedback on the above, from those of you who have been using it in the field?


3/  I have been using the 50mm Sigma macro lens as my macro/fish portrait lens (switching to a 100mm when i am going to be shooting only macro).    So i will be using the 60mm Sigma as my macro-specialty lens.    But has anyone used the 30mm macro lens as well?     How is that, from a working distance point of view (I suspect you need to get TOO close for it to be really useful for macro work)?    


4/  I was leaning towards the 9-18 as my generalist lens, for times when i dont have any specific shooting in mind.    The reason for this - i could get a Zen 170 dome cover, and use it with both this lens as well as the 8mm Olympus.     So saves carrying multiple ports when i travel.    Sound plan or would i better off getting the 4,33" port for the fisheye, and a separate port for the 9-18?


Any other tips or suggestions re things to keep in mind - something i may not have considered, but which would one would only become aware of after using the system?