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#344165 Critique Please - I love this shot. Am I crazy?

Posted by Uli Kunkel on 06 March 2014 - 02:17 AM

Hey! Thats a good one!

As you mentioned that you were taking point and shoot photos for quite a while, you put yourself in the shoes of many diehard photo fanatics that started much like you.... taking snaps from time to time until one day they started to get an attachment to one or two of their better photos and really think about what it was they were doing and how to improve!

The G series are great cameras to get into, and I think that the g16 would be a great tool for you to use. But before you splash down for a strobe I would recommend that you get practice with using your camera's manual settings and the internal flash. This would help you get a better feel to control your camera and strobe when you eventually do get one (and if you are still hooked, a strobe is essential!)

I like the shot. But if youre looking for more ideas and suggestions, I would have used the internal flash with a higher shutter speed to keep light on the subject while reducing the ambient light in the background. Sometimes the background can be a nice addition to the shot, but more often than not (I find) it is distracting.

Keep it up!

#341707 Your Favourite/Best Image of 2013

Posted by Uli Kunkel on 10 January 2014 - 11:48 PM

The Ocean never ceases to amaze me and this year the big surprise came when I was reviewing the Isla images.  I was happy and amazed to see that Yoda put in an appearance to check us out.  I hope all of you have a wonderful 2014 with many many special moments.


May the force be with you.


attachicon.gifFlickrIsla Mujeres-4662-Edit.jpg




Mmmmm... colour this green, you will! :crazy:

#341602 IWUPC - Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013

Posted by Uli Kunkel on 09 January 2014 - 06:26 AM

Hey winners are up!

Such an amazing idea to actually award the dive guides with a chunk of prize money. There are so many phenomenal guides out there that never get the recognition. Way to go!

#320037 A VERY good reason to buy equipment insurance!

Posted by Uli Kunkel on 06 November 2012 - 04:45 PM

Thats great. Good for him.

It's also great that he managed to flood his gear, and have the company pick up the tab.

I tried to get Canon to replace my A640 that flooded due to a faulty CANON housing a few years back- but I guess either I didnt spend enough money on their garbage, or perhaps it was because it was their fault, but ultimately they didnt give a damn and left me with a useless camera AND housing.