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In Topic: Manatee time again

07 February 2011 - 08:10 PM

I snorkeled at Crystal River 2 weeks ago and was strongly warned by the tour operator that I'd most likely be issued a ticket by the 'manatee gestapo' if I tried to descend. When I snorkeled there last year it was no problem whatsoever. :( Fortunately, there was no mention of strobes being prohibited.
The manatees were plentiful at Three Sisters, but the vis was really bad. Does high tide usually offer the best clarity in the springs? I'll be returning to CR in about two weeks and I really hope that I don't encounter the same pea soup conditions! Robyn

In Topic: Stingers at Blue Heron

07 February 2011 - 07:59 PM

Beautiful shots...esp. the last two! I'll be diving at the bridge this Friday and I'll be watching for these lovely hydroids (with full skin protection of course!). Robyn

In Topic: Unusual worm-like creature at Phil Foster Park

09 May 2010 - 12:40 PM

Thank you so much Leslie and Jon! :) Robyn

In Topic: Question about leak detector in Sea & Sea housing

08 May 2010 - 01:32 AM

Hi Robyn,

I posted on Wetpixel a few years ago about a problem with my leak detector. Although my leak detector didn't go off for the same reason, it wouldn't stop blinking once it started. The replies to my post gave some good information on leak detectors and ways of dealing with them when they seem to be "on" all the time

Link to Post about Leak Detectors

Hope that helps,


Thank you so much Ellen! Your link provided me with lots of great info and I appreciate it. :)

I'll let you know what happens. Best Regards, Robyn

In Topic: Question about leak detector in Sea & Sea housing

07 May 2010 - 09:15 AM

It will dry out(I'd keep the battery on and store in a dry place) Another thing, if you open the housing in an air conditioned area, due to condensation/humidity, the leak detector may come on too. Mine was not completely off on a recent liveboard trip, so naturally i was worried there's something wrong with it. It would dry overnight and then then next day would slightly come on again. Just make sure your o-rings are clean and don't apply too much silicon grease( I prefer to lick 'em and usually lubricate once before the dive trip; S&S O-rings are self lubricating anyway).

Did you dive at the Pier down in Lauderdale? I had a partial leak there, so since then I take extra care of the O-rings.

Thanks so much for the reply Blueline. I guess it just needs to dry out some more.
I agree that it's not good to over-lubricate the o-rings. As long as they still appear shiny, I don't put additional lubricant on them.
I was diving by the bridge at Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach yesterday and I'm pretty sure that some water droplets got inside when I opened up the housing to solve my strobe problem. I'm going back in today and I'm going to test and retest the strobes to make sure they fire before I enter the water! :) Thanks again for the feedback. Robyn