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#405998 Lightweight Carry On Options for large mirror less housing?

Posted by makar0n on 04 May 2019 - 04:03 AM

...and my 5 cents:

Manfrotto BumbleBee 220 (https://www.youtube....h?v=AO2SnpkG-58)


Been using it for years now, and it works very well. Good quality, and thanks to being a backpack, and of a smaller appearance it usually does not attract any attention at the check in :) Easily fits into the overhead lockers or under the seat.

As for all the crap inside:

-Nauticam GH4 housing + 6" dome + 4.33" fisheye dome + 45 macro port + housing handles

-2 Sola lights + charger

-2 dive computers

-2 Inon Z-240s

-Mares torch

-Z-Bolt laser


-2 lenses 45 and 12-35

-misc crap - pump, Nauticam tool, o-rings, 5 sets of Eneloops, some paperwork, camera charger, usb cables, strobe ball mounts, extra ball mounts for housing, fiber optic cables, 3 pairs of diffusers, yellow filters etc

-13" laptop


Basically most of the stuff..only things that travel separately are: GH4 body + 7-14, 8,14-140 + 2 fluro filters (small camera bag, over the shoulder), clamps, floats, arms, dyi snoot, AA battery charger (main suitcase)

Total weight round 12 kg, and that is including a laptop. Again, since it looks smallish, nobody bothers to check it. Once got pulled by some overzealous SwissPort employee, but as soon as the nearby Garuda rep arrived and heard it is a UW camera, it was immediately waved through, no further questions asked. Never flew via US though so dunno about the famous TSA...


Pics attached (took out two plastic bags with some paperwork, o-rings and tool, that usually are on top of the pile)

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#399953 El-cheepo Nauticam Optical trigger

Posted by makar0n on 09 October 2018 - 07:03 AM

m4/3 user here (so no need for a SLR trigger :D ), but that is some great design :)

You might want to perhaps share it in the "Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique" - in classifieds it will disappear pretty quickly off the "front" page... Also, if you are trying to sell it, perhaps a guidance price would be useful for all the folks out there.

#397705 Forum Structure Changes

Posted by makar0n on 24 July 2018 - 12:23 AM

Hmm if i might suggest - could we please separate out DYI forum again ?

It was a good repository of all great build-your-own-thing ideas from wetpixel members ...now its a real pain to find. Just today was searching for some snoot ideas - had to sift through hundreds of hits everywhere else, since these were discussed on almost every single form out there :s


Luckily bookmarked a few other topics, otherwise would face hours with the search function :D

#394233 Z-Bolt Underwater Green Dive Laser

Posted by makar0n on 09 April 2018 - 05:01 AM

Craig, you have a PM :)

#390888 Attaching a filter to Panasonic 7-14

Posted by makar0n on 05 January 2018 - 12:52 PM

I arranged it all via their email. It ended up costing me around 30 euros with shipping. I had never thought about taking fluro videos but now that u mention it I might pick up the appropriate filter for that too!

Skickat från min VTR-L29 via Tapatalk

Forgot to say thanks!

Cannot wait to test these...though have to wait till May for some dives :S

#381675 First housings for GH5 announced from Nimar and Ikelite

Posted by makar0n on 22 February 2017 - 11:58 AM

Nauticam's gonna kill it with their offering. They understand what kind of camera the GH5 is.

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what underwater apple nauticam will certainly kill will be our wallets :D

#379875 Wanted: Nauticam NA-GH2 + 8mm port, or any GH2 Housing + port

Posted by makar0n on 24 December 2016 - 02:52 AM


Thanks for responding!  Ya, I'm really just looking for a dome port for the lens I have right now.  I know many people like to use the 7-14 and that will likely be my next purchase if I continue with this, but I'm starting with just what I have first so I'm really still just looking for that 4.33" dome.




Looks like somebody is selling :)

#378982 Wanted: Nauticam NA-GH2 + 8mm port, or any GH2 Housing + port

Posted by makar0n on 21 November 2016 - 12:23 PM

UPDATE: Found Housing!  Now looking for: port for 8mm fisheye.


QUESTION: I also have the kit 14-42 lens that came with the GH2.  Is there any port that fits both the 8mm fisheye and the 14-42?  The 3.5" port perhaps?  I've been reading old threads online to try to figure this out, but there's a lot of information.  Thanks, any advice appreciated! 



Congrats! GH2 is a really great camera underwater, using it myself :)


As for your question - I don't think you will be able to fit both lenses. Just tried to fit 14-42 II (note it is much smaller than the original 14-42) into 4.33" port (dedicated for 8mm - Nauticam 36132) and it barely fits, pretty much pushing against the glass. No way you could use zoom. You could fit 8mm into the original 14-42 port (Flat port 72 - Nauticam 36121) but it will not really work...as its super wide angle will get you mostly port walls on the pic :S

Is there any reason  you want 8mm ? If I might suggest perhaps go with a 6" port (Nauticam 36133) - this way you can fit there two lenses Panasonic 7-14 wide angle and Panasonic 12-35 wide-standard. Both are excellent lenses...since I've got the 12-35 it's my absolute favourite for normal and night dives as it is very versatile. Note that Panasonic might release what can be a potential replacement for this one....12-60 f2.8 sometime in 2017 but dunno..not much info yet apart from some GH5 shots with it mounted. Same for the next wide angle 8-18...but then that will (and have already!) bring the original prices down :)


Good luck!

#378750 Little micro strobe batch!

Posted by makar0n on 14 November 2016 - 02:21 AM

So I see on the HomePage of WetPixel a company just released the complete strobe trigger.  Looks interesting, but how can they charge €599. 




very simple, adding "underwater" to the name warrants a few hundred % price increase :D

#378415 FS: 2 x Sola 4000 Video Lights

Posted by makar0n on 03 November 2016 - 08:15 AM

Just an idle thought, does "dibs" work trans-Atlantic?


Calling "Shotgun", most certainly.


But calling Dibs?


Dangerous ground I fear, makar0n. Shotgun up!




hmm what if I call dibs on shotgun?

or should it be shotgun on dibs ? :D :D :D

#378161 TTL flash trigger for M43 Panasonic/Olympus cameras?

Posted by makar0n on 26 October 2016 - 12:47 PM

hmm...found and interesting topic...turns out somebody already makes something that might fit :)




My next thing to try if the Nauticam trigger won't fit GH2 housing..

#378119 DIY tray and handles for under 10

Posted by makar0n on 25 October 2016 - 02:46 AM

exactly. My next project is to create the Olympus zoom gear


check thingiverse and some other 3d printing websites...i've seen some things around.  There was also a few topics around wetpixel about it.

Or you can order from here http://www.deepshots.co.uk/. These are around £50 mark so way below original Nauticam :)

#378101 DIY tray and handles for under 10

Posted by makar0n on 24 October 2016 - 03:00 PM

thanks! great idea - it seems anything with "dive" or "underwater" in its name, instantly attracts silly price tags :D

#378099 WA options for micro four thirds cameras

Posted by makar0n on 24 October 2016 - 01:18 PM

well after shooting with GH2 for almost two years now, though rather as a hobby than pro, I do like Panasonic 7-14....works well, its quite flexible, even though its wide angle, got beautiful nudi shots in Gibraltar this month :D

-Price wise it actually went down lately, and can be bought for like £550 new...ebay probably around 400...think Olympus is like £1000 new...

-Another thing (very important for me!) - Panasonic 7-14 uses Nauticam 6" wide angle port, which also fits Panasonic 12-35, lately my favourite lens of choice...so you have two in one :) And of course one can fit the lens from the front or take the camera with the lens attached through the back. Again price wise 6" port - ~£400, 180mm port needed for Olympus, around £800...

 Also the fact that Panasonic 7-14 port is smaller and can accommodate another lens is really appreciated when travelling...something tells me that 180mm glass port needed for Olympus will not only be bigger but also heavier.


To be clear, have not used Olympus 7-14...but then its your choice, is the f2.8 worth an extra grand or so? Me thinks better get Panasonic and get yourself another lens/lens+port combo for the same price as single Olympus setup....well unless wide angle is really really really important to you :P

Don't forget that Panasonic is working on 7-14 successor....which might be released sometime in 2017 along with GH5






as for the fisheye....Have Panasonic one and to be honest very rarely use...but then it might be just shooting preference.


As for your port options - Nauticam used to have full MIL chart but after they have revamped  their website I cannot find it no more....uploaded one I've had saved




(cannot attach here as the PDF is over 1 MB :S )


One more thing, though port wise...remember wide angle ports act like a parachute in the current....6" is also acrylic, hence any scratches can be easily fixed

#376278 FS Nauticam Macro & Wide Angle Ports, Clamps, Zoom Gear, 30mm Ext, Ring...

Posted by makar0n on 21 August 2016 - 09:34 AM

Hi all,


need to sell some of my Nauticam Ports & Misc (my wife said that I have to :-)



sell wife? :D