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10 May 2019 - 03:39 PM

Here is some data from our local pool. Not quite the way the Backscatter boys did it. Put a bright white screen against the wall (about 11 feet deep). Put the strobe on a tripod parallel to the screen (PITA). Shot the strobe 20 times, averaged the shots using an image processing tool in Matlab. Also put a strip of photodiodes along the screen at the axis of the strobe light.  Here is data from the photodiodes. I can post the error bars, but all shots were within 5% or so except one shot with the S2000.  Note this is all from a single example of each strobe so YMMV.  The intensity scale is completely arbitrary, my waterproof flash meter was in fact not so waterproof so I have only intensity measurement.


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WTB Bluefin Housing

01 February 2019 - 04:08 PM

Looking for a used Bluefin housing from L&M for the Sony CX550 camera. If you have one in the closet will love to buy it.



For Sale, Saga 67 mm flip adapter for Subal Standard Ports

20 October 2018 - 12:35 PM

For sale is a 

1 xSaga 67mm Flip Lens Adaptor for Subal Standard Port (114mm) (saga.162)
Bought new from Reef Photo for $369, for Sale for $250.
Shipped free to the U.S., overseas you pay the shipping.
In perfect condition, used on maybe 6 dives.