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Is this a legitimate request?

23 August 2013 - 02:19 PM

I received this email today.

Is it a legit request for image use?

The attached W-8 is a tax form with 7 pages of fine print.


Hi Andrew,

We'd like to use the attached Canberra image in Sport Diver Asia Pacific's Sept/Oct 2013 issue. May I please have the high resolution file?
I've also attached a W-8 for you to complete when you can. Please email it back with your phone number. I'll use your contact information to send you our stock photography contracts. Sport Diver Asia Pacific is a digital, subscription based, password protected publication. We're licensing for an audience of 30,000, but because it is new we're nowhere near that number yet.

The "page rates" are:
Cover $250
New Inside Usage $75
Pickup from Sport Diver for an altered use $50
Sport Diver is our print, North American magazine. Here are the pages rates for future usages.
Cover $1000
2-Pg Spread $550
Full Pg+ $325
Full Pg $200
1/2 Pg or less $100
Thank you! Have a great weekend.

Sport Diver
Photo Editor