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In Topic: Avoiding Damaging Reefs

07 December 2018 - 04:35 AM

I think that uw photografers in general, while of course there are exceptions, are more aware of how to dive correctly in order to avoid damages to marine life and have on average a correct buoyancy control.
Perhaps diving instructors and diving guides have the hardest task in teaching new and occasional divers how to interact and how to move underwater...

Couldn’t agree more.

In Topic: GH5s for Wide, GH5 for Macro?

23 November 2018 - 08:59 PM

Nice to hear you are liking the IBIS of the GH5. I have had a tough time getting some 'real' reviews of the benefits of IBIS UW. I have been successfully shooting Macro with and without a tripod for many years. Sometimes a tripod is just not an option and I don't like to rely on it. I was just in Indonesia and trying to perfect my skill with the SMC, easier said than done. I am hoping the IBIS can assist with that level of macro / zoom.
Your comment about 'i would feel naked without it'. Do you feel IBIS is helping on WA shots as I normally don't have much of an issue on WA assuming conditions are not extreme. Please elaborate. Thanks!

Well I could never shoot proper macro without a tripod. If u can then more power to u! Surely the ibis will help a little but to what extent I don't know.

I have been using the gh4 before for wide angle before the gh5 and it would be hard for me to go back to the non ibis gh4. I don't have to delete any shots cus of shakiness shot on the gh5 whereas I had to delete a little bit back in the days of the gh4.
This might also be cus of improved skills or rig improvements like having it more nesutral etc so I cannot say for certain that I couldn't shoot with the gh4 now but I definitely feel like the ibis is doing good work.

Hope that made sense!

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In Topic: GH5s for Wide, GH5 for Macro?

23 November 2018 - 05:13 PM

For macro video u need a tripod imo. I use the gh5 for both macro and wide and like it, if I did end up buying the s I would only use it for specific deep dives ( I.e hammerhead searches that tend to go very deep)
The stabilization in the gh5 is lovely and I would feel naked without it on wide angle dives.
As far as macro goes I feel like the s doesn't offer anything special compared to the gh5, as u will have everything lit up properly anyways.

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In Topic: Wet Wide Angle Lens Help

22 November 2018 - 07:25 PM

I know inon makes lens holders for their arms and such. Maybe check that out :)

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In Topic: Nauticam HDMI Cables - Fragility

19 November 2018 - 10:27 AM

Maybe these guys can help with a cable?
Perhaps a more flexible cable will put less strain on the connections.
I've just returned from a trip where someone had an intermittent connection problem with the GH5 and SmallHD monitor. Apparently due to the camera cable being nudged by the zoom/focus gear when the knob was turned, enough to upset the micro fitting on the bulkhead. "Fixed" by using twist-ties to ensure it didn't snag. Feedback has been provided to Nauticam...
I'm waiting on my NA-502B housing (and NA cable...) to arrive, so interested in getting an additional cable as spare.

Looks good. Will look into it. I wish nauticam took notice to this and just made shorter cables.
I haven't had any problems with my cables yet with either the gh4 or gh5 but I always carry 3 spares just in case. A friend of mine who does this professionally told me he replaces the cables every once in a while as they eventually break.
Always keep a spare or 2 with u on trips!

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