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Looking for parking spot

05 January 2018 - 06:39 AM

So.  I made the decision to simplify and "downsize" from my nine year old DSLR housing to a LX-10 housing and wet lenses.  The trade-offs are there, but one of the selling points on this whole deal was the ability to carry the wet lenses along.  The WWL-1 is a beast (as are most of the wide angle add-ons, quite frankly) and i am having trouble parking it.  Give the form factor of the housing, two 5" arms on each side, or a 5" and an 8" arm on each side seems about right.  I have the double lens dock, however, the WWL-1 with buoyancy collar challenges even an 8" arm once in the dock.  Anyone else have solutions for this?