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04 May 2008 - 12:51 AM

Very true. I've asked Paul about Philippine species but he's out of the office & won't reply until next week.

I put the item here on several forums in Europe and untill today nobody can give an answer. So I decided to give it meanwhile the name: "solecurtus kweetnie".
Last year whe have maded almost the same pictures in the Adriatic sea. I put them also on my website http://dive4fun.magix.net/ and go to the map Kroatiƫ. From this species you can be for 100% sure that it is a bivalve. The creature of the Philipines you can't say it for 100% because you don't see clearly a shell.

In Topic: A shell?????

01 May 2008 - 04:00 AM

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I asked Paul Valentich-Scott, curator of molluscs at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, about this. Despite his Indo-Pacific experience he had to turn to others for help.

"Got it. Solecurtus strigilatus. There is a paper on it: Morton, B. 1990. Solecurtus strigilatus: A jet propelled burrowing bivalve. In: Morton, B. (ed.) The Bivalvia. Proceedings of Memorial Symposium in Honour of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge. Hong Kong University Press.
Dr. John Taylor at the British Museum is the one who pegged it.
VERY cool clam indeed!

What an amazing animal. ;)

(Added later)
See http://books.google....5...ZE1xw&hl=en
for a bit of info and some pictures

While surfing I didn't notice any Philippine records for S. strigilatus but there are several members of the genus in the Indo-Pacific so it might be one of them instead. Maybe one of Marli's contacts will provide a different name.

We can be sure that it is probably a bivalve. and also probably from the genus Solecurtus. A female diver sent me a picture of a bivalve found in the Middeterane see and this looks practically like the species we have find. Until today we still dont know what kind of species we have find in the Phillipine see.