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Raja Ampat video of Dascyllus reticulatus behavior

04 January 2017 - 12:40 PM



While in the Misool region of Raja Ampat recently, I made a passable video of the intriguing behavior of a species of damselfish, Dascyllus reticulatus. Some, or perhaps many of you, may have seen this intriguing species.  I am unclear on how common it is at the various dive sites in the Indo-Pacific region.


Does anyone know how one can search for other video of the behavior of this species?  Is there a database of fish species video, like there is for sound recordings of bird species (See Xeno-Canto)?  If I wanted to research this fish, to see what else has been documented, how would I do that?


Next, if I want to alert any institutions about my little video, which might be interested in documentation of the behavior of this species, how should I "share" this video with relevant communities?


Many thanks,


George Paul