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#341942 few shots with my new RX100

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 15 January 2014 - 10:44 PM

Hi - could you share the settings you used? Or is there anyway to see the exif info?

The pictures contain the EXIF. maybe you need to download them to view it.


Image properties
Software=DSC-RX100 v1.00
Exposure Time=1/200 sec
ISOSpeed Ratings=100

#340630 Your Favourite/Best Image of 2013

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 14 December 2013 - 10:40 AM

Here is mine:




Shot with Canon S100 and Inon micro-fisheye

1/160, F8, iso 80

single strob (ikelite DS-161).

#331231 RX100 and the Inon UFL-M150?

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 11 May 2013 - 08:28 PM

Yep, thats more like what I am after.

I have seen quite a few good shots taken with the S100 and this lens. Even in comparison with the shots you posted in this thread, the image quality is better on the s100 shot. Was there any post processing or cropping done?

No post processing, one picture (the 2)  was cropped.

#330909 RX-100 and TTL Difficulty

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 05 May 2013 - 11:17 PM

Why do you want to use flash exposure compensation if the pictures come expose correctly?

Maybe to save battery life. If you set the internal flash to under-expose and the slave strobe to over-expose, the total exposure is still correct.

#327083 few shots with my new RX100

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 03 March 2013 - 09:54 AM



#324540 wire coral goby with bugeye

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 15 January 2013 - 11:41 PM


#297934 Best/Favorite image of 2011

Posted by Yoav Lavi on 19 December 2011 - 08:40 AM

My favorite image of 2011:

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