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In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

01 February 2018 - 12:26 AM

Hi all.


We have TTL Triggers for SONY.   The new one will be available two weeks later!  I think this will be fitting in the nauticam housing The measurs are only 36x26x16 mm.

Please visit Our website next two weeks or write to me.





Hi Balazs,

It sounds good, I'll look it and send a DM. Thanks! :)

In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

01 February 2018 - 12:21 AM

Why do you exclude the ikelite housing? It would support perfectly your strobes.

Well, it’s because I’m a little bit tired of my actual Ikelite, the controls aren’t very precise and I need more accuracy. I’m very happy with the strobes, but not about the housing, and I don’t want the same feeling with the new equipment.

Now, I’ve decided to change also the Ikelite strobes for the new Inon, this way will be better for travelling with all that stuff.

In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

30 January 2018 - 03:08 AM

I haven't used the Nauticam housing yet, only the Fantasea one (which I think there's a pretty strong case for, as the crazy light weight, and ultra compact size of the Fantasea housing seems a good philosophical match for a tiny camera like the A6500, and you're not really giving up anything ergonomically either).


From my research into it, there doesn't appear to be any method to extract TTL metering from the A6500 for underwater shooting for the time being.

You can use fibre optic to trigger the DS161 from the A6500 (either using the pop-up flash, or an LED trigger, but you'll need the Ikelite fibre optic adapter for that. I'd recommend the direct fibre optic adapter, rather than the slave trigger with a cable adapter (as I had serious issues with the converted slave trigger not responding to any of my fibre optic cables, whereas the dedicated fibre optic adapter worked flawlessly).


Couldn't tell you if the Fantasea trigger fits the Nauticam, but it's very compact and an excellent piece of kit. The added advantage of the Fantasea trigger, is that it will let you shoot at up to 1/250 shutter. Whereas the internal pop-up flash limits you to 1/160.


You could technically repurpose the same fibre optic cables, but you'd have to switch the connectors on them. The Inon's have a different connection to the Ikelites.

Thanks a lot Grug. I'll think about all you said.  :)

I'm still waiting for the camera, when I will know if is that I need, I'll choose between Nauticam or Fantasea housings.

In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

22 January 2018 - 12:24 AM

A quick google found this:  https://www.ikelite....and-sync-speeds


this implies the smarts for getting TTL to work lie within the housing for ikelites.  The Fibre-optic converter says it does manual only, so it seems no TTL on Ikelite strobes unless used with an Ikelite housing.  Unless you find a trigger that that does TTL.  I think you may be best off calling one of the UW specialist retailers to see if there are any options that will allow TTL,  Manual flash can certainly be done.

Thanks ChrisRoss :)

In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

22 January 2018 - 12:22 AM

Assuming that you're using manual settings, have you tried dialling down the on-camera flash compensation as far as it will go?  I've tried myself and (oddly, but perhaps it's because I'm using fill-flash in daylight) can't see that it makes any material difference to the lighting of the shot - but it might possibly reduce the recycling time.  Just a thought.

Humm, It seems a very good idea, I still haven't the A6500, but i thought it wasn't possible to do. I'll try if i can't get a better solution, thanks :)